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Mom's Survival: Coffee Station

I'll be the first to admit I have a coffee addiction. I look forward to it as soon as I wake up. It really wasn't until I became a mom that I wanted to have my own coffee station at home. When I was home with Safa for the first year it wasn't easy getting her and myself ready just to get coffee so thats when I finally bought myself a latte machine. Recently, I actually made a coffee station. Here are the deets: 

I wanted a vintage tray (inspired by Joanna obvi) but could not find one cheaper then 60 dollars. I finally looked on amazon and found this amazing one for only 29 dollars! Can't beat that. These mugs  are from Home Goods and my favorite ones. The top closed mason jars are from Walmart and are for perfect for organizing all different types of coffee. For some added decor, I went to my favorite dollar section in Target and added some fall pieces. 

Now, the actual coffee. My latte machine is by Mr. Coffee. It also makes cappuccinos and espressos. What more do yo…

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