Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Trends + Holiday Outfit Ideas

Top: Cotton on//Leather Pants: H&M//
Snood:Forever 21//Bag: Zara

Happy Holidays everyone!! I know some of us may not celebrate some them but its still a time I know all families love to get together since most of us are on vacation! Usually winter is my least favorite season in terms of cold weather and because of fashion but this year round I'm loving all the trends this season. I wanted to wait to show you some of my outfits but then the holidays would be over...So I'll share some trends and ideas I'll be using myself:] Enjoy!!
1) Sparkle

This is definitely one of my favorite trends. A little sparkle cant hurt someone..right? If you want to be daring like myself I would invest in sequin pants or a sequin blazer. I found a few at Forever 21 and at H&M. They are cropped but since I'm short they actually fit me perfectly:) If you want some sparkle in your outfit then definitely go for a sweater or tank with jeans or a plain skirt. And lastly, if you want minimal then opt for a sequined clutch or flats/heels! It reminds me of the sparkle in snow during the winter time and I just absolutely love it! You want to keep in mind that some sequin can look flashy so I would recommend picking sequined items in neutral colors like the ones above. 
2) Pastels
This is probably the easiest trend to incorporate since these colors were just in last spring/summer! I have mint skinnies that I'll definitely be wearing during this season! The above skirt is from urban outfitters and on sale for only $39! However, I recently bought the peach one and in the store it was only $29!! I already have it in emerald green but I could not let go of this steal. Pastel sweaters are super comfy and ideal for school or can be paired with a skirt. I absolutely love these snood scarves which can add a little bit of character to a simple outfit and plus they keep you super warm.

3) Statement Blazer
Statement Blazer

The blazer is a trend that has been around for a few years now and is not going away! It just keeps transforming with the new styles and textures. The one in the left corner is a jacquard/brocade blazer, my favorite, and new for this season! When wearing any of the above statement blazers its best to pair it with all black or neutrals. You want it to pop and if you're wearing too many colors it'll take attention away from this piece. I've styled one of these below!

4) Printed Pants
Printed Pants
The last trend that continues into winter from last few seasons is printed pants. Floral continues this season but with a darker tone such the one above with a black base and light flowers instead of bright pinks and blues. I love this pair from H&M. For more of an edgy look pick up camo printed pants which can be paired with a white tee and a leather jacket or blazer. The bottom two are also brocade/jacquard printed pants. I've styled one below using these Forever 21 pants that I recently purchased myself:)

Holiday Outfit Ideas:

Holiday # 2Holiday 4
Holiday 3Holiday Outfit 1

1) Jacquard Pants: I'll definitely be wearing this outfit in the upcoming days. Its my favorite combination of colors with a pop of red and some sequin too. This outfit is perfect for a friends holiday party. 
2) Statement Blazer: When styling a statement blazer like this, always remember to make everything else simple with neutrals. The blazer should pop and be the center of the whole outfit. For a little edge, add some studded or spiked flats. This outfit can definitely be worn at a work holiday party showing some style and class. 
3) Soft Pastels: I have this skirt and will probably be styling it very similar. Just because its winter, doesn't mean you can't wear floral! This is perfect for a family holiday lunch. 
4) Sequined: This is my favorite outfit.The pants have enough shine and detail so keep jewelry at minimal and shoes simple. Gray is definitely my neutral color for winter. I would definitely wear this on new years. Its exciting and risky and perfect for starting the new year. 

Wooooh! That was a lot of information. Since I barely posted during the semester, I'll definitely be making up for it during my month off from school! I hope this gives you all some cute ideas for the upcoming weeks. My next post will be some outfits that I'll be wearing this upcoming week. 

stay warm,


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breathable Nail Polish!

So unfortunately after much consideration..I feel as its my duty to share my changed feelings about this. A friend of mine emailed Inglot to ask how much it penetrates and if through many layers. They do not have sufficient research on it. Even before knowing it may not go through many layers..I felt uncomfortable praying with it on. I had that doubt and as we know if there is doubt it is better to stay away from it. Salah is something extremely important to us and its something I rather not risk..sorry ladies too good to be true!


I was so excited about this, that I have to share it with you all! A company by the name of Inglot released a nail polish that is claimed to be breathable, meaning it allows water and oxygen to pass through and keeps the nails in the best condition! My first question was...wait I can wear nail polish all the time and not just once a month? I was a little skeptical about it but then a friend told me that someone on the Suhaib Webb Blog actually went through the ruling!! here is the article for everyone to read:

Is Breathable Nail Polish sufficient for Wudhu? (YES!!)

I was a little upset cause I had mentioned one day I wanted to invent a nail polish we can somehow pray in and someone beat me to it but thank god they did! It is a little pricey but one or two colors or worth it for everyday wear. They have a lot of choices too. I'm definitely going to get a neutral color like nude or pink and dark burgundy for fall! There are stores around the world but if you're not close to any of them you can buy it online too! You can find them online here.

Btw, I'm not claiming it is haram or halal...I am simply passing on information I know that is super exciting for muslim sisters. Based on the article and your own knowledge, it is up to you to make the decision!

I know I have not posted in a while but I've been so caught up with finals and such. InshAllah I will be posting before the month is over on Winter Trend report and possibly a celebrity look for less. I'll leave you with some of my recent OOTD's :) One of these and an older one were actually posted in Winnie Detwa's Strety Style: Chilly Weather inspired womens edition!!! Enjoy :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wo-Mens Wear


Sweater & Scarf: Forever 21
Jacket: H&M
Mens Jeans and Shoes: Target

One of my favorite sections to shop at Forever or H&M is the..mens section! No no I'm not talking about what you're thinking about... obviously but using the size of mens clothing to a hijabi's advantage! So many times I've gone through the womens section looking for a long white tank or tee to wear under a blazer or a cardigan. Either their not long enough and if they are they'e way too tight on the rear end! I went shopping with my cousins in the city and one of my cousins was looking through the guys section. I assumed she was getting a gift for her husband but she was actually looking for herself..And I thought..genius! So thats how my husband and I started shopping in the same sections. Now obviously we can't start wearing everything from there so in this post I'll share how I like to style mens clothes..

1) Basic Tees and Tanks

White Tee: H&M Mens
Jean Button up: H&M Mens
Floral Hijab: Charlotte Russe
The easiest is obviously Tees and Tanks. I usually get a size medium so they're long and wide. You can throw a blazer, cardigan, jean jacket or a jean shirt on top. Some other tees I like to get are striped and graphic tees. Honestly, the mens graphic tees are wittier and just better! This jean shirt is actually my husbands giving it a overize button up look. Here a way it can be worn with a maxi skirt as well:

White Tee: H&M Mens
Tribal Cardigan: Boutique
Maxi Skirt & Hijab: Forever 21

2) Button Ups
Wo-mens wear

Sometimes I wish my husband wore a size small so I could just not shop and wear all his button ups..but unfortunately he's a medium. Many of the women's' flannel shirts and button ups just don't quite cover the derriere. But luckily the mens shirts do! Pair this shirt with colored skinnies and oxfords or combat boots for a casual rugged look! 

3) Boyfriend Jeans  
(all images from google)
Now when this trend came out...I was a little skeptical about it considering I'm short and this style might make me look shorter and well...wider. However, if styled properly it doesn't necessarily need to! I looked everywhere for boyfriends at forever 21, h&m, cotton on, etc. but they all fit me like regular jeans so then I just gave up. A little while ago, a friend of mine (check her out on instagram!)  instagrammed a picture with boyfriend jeans that I loved..and where from? the mens section!! So I went to target and bought myself the smallest size in the mens section (first picture of this post). Now if you have skinny legs, you can find boyfriend jeans in the actual women's section but if you got wide hips and bigger thighs then maybe you should check out the mens section. You can wear it casual with a sweater and flats like Jessica Alba and Kim K or make it a little fancy with a blazer and heels like Rachel Bilson--all amazing fashion inspirations!                         

Alright everyone..thats it for today. Sorry for the super late post but with midterms and hurricane sandy this got delayed a few weeks! I'll definitely be posting before the end of this month! I'm not sure what the next post is going to be but I'm thinking of re-creating some celebrity looks!! If you have suggestions do let me know:) Also check out my instagram for more looks!! 
until next time,

stay warm!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Favorite Fall Fashion part 2

salaam!! :)

Sweater, Jeans: H&M
Leather Jacket: Boutique in NYC
Loafers: GAP

I know, its been a really really long time! I've been super busy with grad school and had no idea how overwhelming it would be!! I think I have settled in and getting better with time management so definitely more posts!! Here is part 2 of my favorite fall fashion. What perfect timing since yesterday was the first official day of autumn!:)

1. Leather, leather and more leather!!

I love leather all year round but fall is when you can really wear it on anything and everything (i think i say that too much..) Leather jackets have been around especially for fall for a while now and keep coming back. This year with studs and spikes. The new jacket style is the jacket sleeve contrast like the khaki jacket with the leather sleeves pictured above. I recently bought one myself! The leather banded watch is absolute essential--can never go wrong with it! If you're a little edgy then definitely opt for the studded/spiked leather jackets, bags and bracelets. Of course, can't forget the boots for fall!! Knee high boots are back. I have two pairs: black and the cogniac, like one pictured up. Either of them will go on any outfit for school or night out. The one above is a little more casual which would be more ideal for school! 

2. Military

(photo credit:
           Miguel Adrover RTW Fall 2012          McQ Alexander McQueen              Burberry Prorsum RTW Fall 2012
                                                                                    RTW Fall 2012

Military is all over the runway for fall 2012. It has made appearances in the past but is now proving to be one of the strongest trends this season! This can be worn as a jacket, vest or shirt. I have been looking for a military vest but have not been able to find one yet! Military boots continue into this fall as well. This khakhi green color can also be worn as jeans and tops such as a button up.

3. Sweaters

Fall Sweaters

I can never get enough of these during the fall. Main reason why Fall is my favorite season because the fashion is just so cozy: layering, sweaters and warm boots--couldn't get any better! You can get light sheer sweaters that are perfect for layering or you can get thick cable knit sweaters for the cold fall days and for upcoming winter. I especially love printed sweaters with boots and skinnies. Its usually my go-to look for the fall! 

Thats it for today! I'm not sure what my next post is going to be...either college wear or a special mens wear post! I have not decided..depends on how cooperative my husband will be ;) If you guys have any suggestions or requests, please do tell!!

until next time,

stay stylin'

Monday, September 3, 2012

Favorite Fall Fashion! (part one)

Salaam!! :)

Jumpsuit: Zara
Tux Blazer and Scarf: Forever 21
Clutch: Aldo

I know its been a little longer then usual but this post and the next one took some time to put together! Summer is near an end and as much as I loved the neon and bright colors, I'm really excited for Fall! This is my favorite season, partly because my birthday is during this time but mainly because of the beautiful colors (my room is even fall inspired!). There are many new fall fashion trends and can easily become hijab friendly! Here's how I plan to implement fall fashion into my wardrobe:)

1. Jewel Tones
(L'Wren Scott Jewel Tones)
Cobalt blue, ruby red, amethyst purple and emerald green: This is probably my favorite trend of all! So easy to implement any of these colors into your wardrobe. I already bought myself some ruby red and emerald green skinnies for only $12.95 from H&M! Here are some other ways in which you could wear these colors!! 

And of course you can always wear these colors as hijabs, jewelry, shoes and handbags. I sometimes have to control myself during this season cause I just love everything!!

2. Oversize Coats
This essential is back for this fall/autumn 2012. Capes from last year have made a return as well. I personally get jackets in the neutral family--black, brown, beige, gray or taupe so it is more wearable on a daily basis. My favorite part about this look is that underneath you can layer as much as you want--something I have to do on the coldest days of winter. This oversized jacket from Zara and cape from Macys are two of my favorites! 

3. Loafers
Fall Loafers
I cannot get enough of these!! So cute and comfortable. Can be found in every color and variety of prints. I recently received as a gift herringbone loafers from Gap and I love them! They're especially best for school/college. I think I'm going to invest in a pair of black ones as well--just cause a girl should have every item in black!

4. My Fall Color
Everywhere I've been seeing the "it" color for Fall 2012. I personally am in love with all them but my favorite color has to be this emerald green...hopefully I won't buy everything in this color! 

Thats it for now, inshAllah I'll post part two in a few days. I'll leave you all with some outfit ideas for Fall 2012 that I would wear! Enjoy :)

Fall outfits

The outfit on the left I would probably wear to class or even out for lunch whereas the outfit on the right I would wear on a night out or a special event!
Sweater Fall
Another one of my fall favorites--sweaters! It's still hot right now for these but in a month this going to be my staple look! If I could I wear boots all year around--however weather does not permit that. This is definitely a casual look I would wear to campus or a day out in the city!

hope you enjoyed
until next time,

stay stylin'

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Snippets of my Eid

Eid Mubarak!! :)
Sunrise on Eid Morning
Salaam everyone! ! I wanted to share some moments I had on Eid. Alhamdulilah it was an amazing one and I hope everyone had a blessed day as well:) As I woke up to have something small to eat I looked outside my window and sA saw this beautiful scene. Best start to my morning.
Eid Salah
The best Eid Salah I've ever been too! mashAllah was the perfect day to have Eid Salah at the park. Not too sunny nor too gloomy. At least 500 people attending Eid Salah at West Windsor Park followed by some delicious cholein, halwa, poori (traditional breakfast at Eid Morning; chick peas, sweet and fried bread). To top off such a blessed day of Eid, two sisters mashAllah converted! They had been learning about Islam for a while and chose to convert on this beautiful day :)
During the Khutbah mashAllah the cutest little girl was giggling and laughing with her sisters and trying her mom's sandals on. Definitely felt like Eid :)
Lastly I made these candy goody bags for the little kiddies in my family for the Eid party at night. I first saw this at a masjid a few years ago and thought it was the cutest idea! Who doesn't like candy and gifts on Eid? 

Before I end this post, I'll share what I wore on Eid :)

I wore tradiational/Pakistani clothes all of Eid day. I also tried something new, the chain headpiece! You can find them on ebay and different websites but they are super expensive!! I actually made this myself for about 4 dollars! All you need are chains, jump rings and pliers from any arts and crafts store such as Michaels. I found this DIY tutorial and took me about 10 minutes! I chose not to add the charms but you can add whatever you want and make it your own :)

Blouse: Forever 21
Palazzo Pants: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Kohls
The day after Eid my friend had a Eid party as well. I was so excited because I didn't have to wear Pakistani clothes! Don't get me wrong, I love my cultural but its nice to dress up in American clothes as well :) 

inshAllah my next post is going to be Wo-mens wear ;) thanks for reading! 

until next time,
keep up the Ramadan spirit:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eid Looks

salaam ladies!

Can't believe Eid is right around the corner!  Feels like yesterday I was trying to survive my first fast but alhamdulilah Ramadan went by so quickly. I love love love Eid because of course all the amazing food, family and friends and of course all the amazing outfits!  In the spirit of Eid, I wanted to share some ideas on what I would wear! I usually wear shalwar kameez but sometimes I'll wear wear 'American' to Eid Salah as well :)

1. Maxi/Jumper with Blazer

Jumpsuit: Maggy London
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Clutch: Boutique
Scarf: H&M
Instead of the just wearing a maxi and blazer idea, she brilliantly pairs this chic jumpsuit with a white blazer and adds a splash of mustard. Jumpsuits are hard to pull off but if done right as pictured above can give a simple yet classy look--perfect for Eid! :) However, since jumpsuits are hard to find for everyones body type and their budget, one can easily replace the jumpsuit with a chiffon maxi!

2. Skirt with Blouse
Black and Pink                 Eid
Blouse & Pleated Skirt: Dor L' Dor  Boutique 

This is probably my favorite Eid Look! This also  is the easiest to put together out of all. Blouses like the one pictured above can be found in many stores especially Forever 21 in a variety of colors from Mint, Orange, Pink, Black, Green...and the list goes on! Skirts were easy to find in the summer but are getting a little harder as Fall approaches. If they do exist its the annoying sheer ones.  (pet peeve for most ladies these days!) Even if you have a simple black skirt you can add a bright colored blouse or scarf and spice it up with some accessories. This also covers everything and accentuates the waist giving a slimming and sophisticated look for Eid!

3. Desi Outfit

Lastly I wanted to share how I would wear/style a desi outfit. I wore this outfit on Eid-al-Adha last year. It's a little harder to style desi outfits because there's usually so much design and print on the outfit itself. This is why everything else should be plain. One thing that irks me is printed hijabs with shalwar kameez! If you wear a printed scarf with shalwar kameez, its most probably going to take away from the beauty of the outfit itself. So you wanna make sure you pick a plain color to make the outfit look nice. Most of the time the design will be on the top--which gets a little annoying considering the hijab is usually there. My brilliant cousin brought this idea to tuck in the scarf in the kameez (shirt)! It's pretty simple to do. (mini hijab tutorial) First is you need a smaller size scarf. I usually use chiffon or a very thin shawl so less bulky after you tuck it in. After you pin your scarf as you would like it, simply tuck in the right end and pin it to a tank/bra so it stays in place. And the other end that came around your head simple tuck in behind your kameez. This way you shouldn't have much bulk. If you guys would like a tutorial, iA I can do one before Eid:)

I hope this helps when you're putting together your outfit. I know its pretty basic but many people suggested this topic. On a side note, coincidentally Dina Toki-o also did a 'what to wear for Eid' post today so check that out as well. She's definitely one of my inspirations :)

Also, here are some places you could find a lot of these items:)

1) Maxi Dress/Jumpers
Black Jumper
Pleated Dress
Pleated Dress 2

2) Skirts
Maxi Pleated Skirt (my favorite!!)
Black Skirt

3) Blouses
Button back Blouse
Plain Blouse Forever 21
Plain Blouse H&M

I'm sure by now you've figured out what stores I love to shop at!! :) My next post will be on Eid or the day after. I'm not only going to post my outfit but little snippets of my Eid day:)

until then,
keep it classy