DIY Hijab Organizer!

salaam ladies...
Are you BURIED in your hijabs? Can't seem to find the one you want?
Well I have a solution for you! 
(you ladies will soon learn, I'm super corny :D)

I think I've tried about 10 ways to organize my hijabs and it seems so perfect at first but then within a few days it looks something the picture above. I FINALLY found a way that I really like! Maybe you guys can try it too! But first you'll need two things:
A sturdy hanger                              Shower Hooks/Rings
I bought both of these items at Target under 5 dollars. So first put the hooks on the hanger like so-->

After that simply pull the hijabs through the rings!

Pretty easy right? I especially love this method because I can actually see all the hijabs without rummaging through my drawer and making a big mess. One problem I did run into was I originally wanted to hang it on my closet but the weight of the hijabs kept going from one side to the other. So either you can hang it on wall hooks like I did or you can add a lot more hijabs so the rings cant move to much side to side. Another tip is I obviously did not put all my hijabs on these hanger, just the ones I wear most of the time:) I'm definitely not going to take all the credit, I saw it on pinterest or some website which I cannot remember and finally decided to implement it. 

I hope this helps with your hijab problems, it definitely helped me!! :)

Next Post: So I am very excited about my next post called: Taraweeh/Ramadan Outfits! I'll be featuring some of my friends as well for some different looks besides mine. InshAllah I plan to post it by the end of the week :D

until next time..

keep it organized:)


  1. That's a neat idea! I like it better than the tiered Ikea hangers since those get clumpy and layered. I use those sweater shelves organizers for mine. For the past couple years it has been pretty solid! Good luck with your closet organization!

  2. Assalam aleikum Sania,
    I saw this online somewhere too and have been meaning to put it to use!

  3. Awesome idea, I'm going to be trying this soon! By the wayy, you should totally do a closet organization series. I saw this skirt hanger on the Target website, and it looks genius bc half my skirts are stuffed on the bottom of my closet and the other half are on their own separate hangers taking up way too much hanger space.

  4. Love this idea! And can't wait till your next post!! :)

  5. Love it! I'll try this out soon :)

  6. This is awesome!! I am always drowning in hijabs! you just saved my life, because I have no time to like re-organize them after a long day and they always end up scattered around my room. So I am totally using this method, simple, easy, neat! Jazakallah Kahyr! :)


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