salaam ladies!

happy jummah! :) how are everyones fasts coming along? Alhamdulillah they're not as bad as I thought they would be and now only a week left! anyways one thing I know all us hijabis battle with is how to accessorize with hijab! We don't want to come off too flashy but at the same time what girl doesn't like her bling? inshAllah in this post i'm going to share how I like to accessorize with hijab and maybe help give some of you ideas:)

1) The Necklace
Left Necklace: Forever 21
Right Necklace: Kohls
The hardest part about wearing necklace with hijab is obviously covering your chest (it had to be said) but still being able to show the necklace. To wear a necklace with hijab, most of the time I tuck in my scarf in my top or wrap it around more times. I prefer to only wear necklaces when my top is loose and flowy (thus solving the chest issue). Another obstacle was finding long neckalces. Sometimes they're easy to find but most of the time I just like the design on the short ones better! So in the picture to the right I bought plain gold chains from Michaels and attached the chain to the necklace and voila! I have now a longer necklace. 

My new favorite necklace these days is the statement necklace! It can add so much character, color and bling to your outfit. I personally do not wear too much color..somehow black always makes it into my outfit.. so this is another way I like to add pops of color!

2) Arm Candy
Watch: Guess
Bracelets: H&M
Big watches! I absolutely love these mens style watches. I have this one above and one in black. I pan on purchasing a silver one in the near future. You don't need any more then these few colors and they match with everything. Style it up with some bracelets and bangles and you got yourself an arm party!

3) Rings
Part of my collection of rings
I saved my favorite for last. Before necklaces and arm candy I started accessorizing with rings. The easiest item to wear for a hijabi and the best part is they're cheap! I don't think I've left forever 21 without buying one. My latest favorite is stacking rings and mix and matching colors. Some rings are super fun like these: I really wanted the pacman one but unfortunately it is sold out! :(

(From etsy.com)                                                 (from etsy.com)                                   (storenvy.com)

I hope this helps all of you hijabis out there! I didn't do a section on earrings cause I personally do not wear them with hijab only cause I do not like how it looks with it. It does make me sad because there some pretty neat earrings out there. 

Anywhoo I hope the rest of everyones Ramadan goes well. My next post will be Eid outfits! Also, if you all have any suggestions or requests for post ideas..do tell! I'm open to anything :)

until next time,

keep it blingin'!


  1. u r an absolute genius! i love ur style!

  2. Assalaamualaykum!
    I love your style however as a fellow Muslim Sister I feel that it is my duty to inform you that wearing fake rings in Islaam is not permissible.

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