Ramadan Looks

salaam ladies!!

When I started this blog this was one of the posts I was most excited for!! Ramadan is such a blessed month in which family and friends come together for worship, delicious food and some amazing company J. I personally look forward to all of it! Before I show you the outfits I have a little spiel—one thing I noticed in Ramadan and even during the year was that everyone was dressing up for the Iftar parties but when coming to Taraweeh they threw on some old, used ‘home abaya’ or home shalwar kameez and, recently, for the first time I even saw sweatpants =O! I understand Taraweeh is long and you want to be comfortable but there is nothing wrong with being a little fashionable too ;) I feel since it is such a joyous month we should also look presentable at the masjid more then anywhere else. Okay, anyways—now time for the main part! I have 4 options that I feel are trendy, modest and easy to wear! 

Option 1: Black Abaya
Floral Splash

I personally don’t own a black abaya myself but recently ordered one online! It is one of the easiest items to wear and very easy to style! I like wearing my black abayas with a printed scarf like the floral one above with a neutral or colored bag. I always wear comfy shoes so they're easy to slip on and off :)

Option 2: Maxi Dresses
     Look 1: Polka Dot
pictured: sobia masood :)
Dress: Old Navy
Belt: H&M
Cardigan: Cotton On
Hijab: Random but similar one at Target

One of the easiest items to wear to Taraweeh is of course a maxi dress! Not everyone owns many abayas but maxi dresses like these can be found in many stores for very reasonable prices such as Forever 21, Old Navy, Target, H&M and the list goes on! Not only is she dressed modestly but even incorporates one of the hottest summers trends—color blocking. This is one of my favorite outfits and I copied this look myself last week.

      Look 2: Stripes with a Splash
photo credit: my amazing husband:) 
Dress: & Hijab: Forever 21
Cardigan & Clutch: H&M
Sandals: Target
One of my favorite trends these days is stripes with a splash of color! I originally had a blazer on this outfit because I was going to the Iftar Party then Taraweeh prayers however it was a blazing 90 degrees so I opted for a cardigan! I personally do not like a lot of color but I also do not like all black. For me, this is the perfect way to balance the both. I sometimes pair this dress with a colored blazer and a black hijab as well. This is the new clutch I mentioned I bought from H&M. It’s one of my favorite pieces and I wear it on everything J
     Look 3: Neon Casual

Photo credit: Yumna Siddique
Hijab, Crop Top, Maxi, & Hijab: Forever 21
Bag: Charlotte Rouse

This is definitely my staple look of the summer: crop top and maxi dress! At first I did not know how I was going to handle the heat plus fasting until I discovered this look. For most nights of Taraweeh I wore this. I bought most if not all my crop tops and maxi dresses from Forever 21. I even added a little bit of the neon trend ;)

Option 3: Skirts
pictured: Hameda Ahmed
Top: H&m
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: Target
A look I have yet to try! She takes a little risk here by wearing a long dress with a skirt. But as she says it is the easiest outfit to put together and comfortable as well. My favorite part about the outfit is the hint of tribal printed belt. I will definitely be trying this look soon! 

Option 4: Palazzo Pants

pictured: Sejuti Mahjabin
Palazzo Pants: JC Penney
Cardigan: Boutique
Hijab: Express

Lastly, for a dressier look for an iftar party are palazzo pants! My friend paired it with a Aztec printed cardi with a green hijab. This look is cute yet comfortable at the same time! J

I hope you enjoyed all these looks and try them out for the second half of Ramadan. Before I bid adieu I wanted to share where you could find some of these items!

1) Maxi Dresses:
Color Block Maxi
Black Maxi
Pink Maxi

2) Maxi Skirts:
Chiffon Maxi Skirt
Pleated Maxi Skirt
Zig Zag Maxi Skirt

3) Tops
Crop Top

4) Scarves
Solid Color Hijabs
Floral Hijab
More Solid Colors

thats it for today!!and remember..

keep it covered :)


  1. You are so adorable in your pictures! I love all the outfits! I spy Yumna's porch, I am very jealous :(

    1. aw thank you!! haha ya shes my personal photographer ;) lol dont be!! you're on to bigger and better things..im trying to say positive because I shall feel your pain very soon!

  2. Favorite post yet! I love all the outfits, so chic and above all so modest. Keep it comin Sania!

    And I LOVE that Zainab would know its my porch, creepbestfriend <3


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