Snippets of my Eid

Eid Mubarak!! :)
Sunrise on Eid Morning
Salaam everyone! ! I wanted to share some moments I had on Eid. Alhamdulilah it was an amazing one and I hope everyone had a blessed day as well:) As I woke up to have something small to eat I looked outside my window and sA saw this beautiful scene. Best start to my morning.
Eid Salah
The best Eid Salah I've ever been too! mashAllah was the perfect day to have Eid Salah at the park. Not too sunny nor too gloomy. At least 500 people attending Eid Salah at West Windsor Park followed by some delicious cholein, halwa, poori (traditional breakfast at Eid Morning; chick peas, sweet and fried bread). To top off such a blessed day of Eid, two sisters mashAllah converted! They had been learning about Islam for a while and chose to convert on this beautiful day :)
During the Khutbah mashAllah the cutest little girl was giggling and laughing with her sisters and trying her mom's sandals on. Definitely felt like Eid :)
Lastly I made these candy goody bags for the little kiddies in my family for the Eid party at night. I first saw this at a masjid a few years ago and thought it was the cutest idea! Who doesn't like candy and gifts on Eid? 

Before I end this post, I'll share what I wore on Eid :)

I wore tradiational/Pakistani clothes all of Eid day. I also tried something new, the chain headpiece! You can find them on ebay and different websites but they are super expensive!! I actually made this myself for about 4 dollars! All you need are chains, jump rings and pliers from any arts and crafts store such as Michaels. I found this DIY tutorial and took me about 10 minutes! I chose not to add the charms but you can add whatever you want and make it your own :)

Blouse: Forever 21
Palazzo Pants: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Kohls
The day after Eid my friend had a Eid party as well. I was so excited because I didn't have to wear Pakistani clothes! Don't get me wrong, I love my cultural but its nice to dress up in American clothes as well :) 

inshAllah my next post is going to be Wo-mens wear ;) thanks for reading! 

until next time,
keep up the Ramadan spirit:)


  1. I love your style <3

    Happy Eid Mubarak dear..



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