Favorite Fall Fashion! (part one)

Salaam!! :)

Jumpsuit: Zara
Tux Blazer and Scarf: Forever 21
Clutch: Aldo

I know its been a little longer then usual but this post and the next one took some time to put together! Summer is near an end and as much as I loved the neon and bright colors, I'm really excited for Fall! This is my favorite season, partly because my birthday is during this time but mainly because of the beautiful colors (my room is even fall inspired!). There are many new fall fashion trends and can easily become hijab friendly! Here's how I plan to implement fall fashion into my wardrobe:)

1. Jewel Tones
(L'Wren Scott Jewel Tones)
Cobalt blue, ruby red, amethyst purple and emerald green: This is probably my favorite trend of all! So easy to implement any of these colors into your wardrobe. I already bought myself some ruby red and emerald green skinnies for only $12.95 from H&M! Here are some other ways in which you could wear these colors!! 

And of course you can always wear these colors as hijabs, jewelry, shoes and handbags. I sometimes have to control myself during this season cause I just love everything!!

2. Oversize Coats
(Source: Vogue.com)
This essential is back for this fall/autumn 2012. Capes from last year have made a return as well. I personally get jackets in the neutral family--black, brown, beige, gray or taupe so it is more wearable on a daily basis. My favorite part about this look is that underneath you can layer as much as you want--something I have to do on the coldest days of winter. This oversized jacket from Zara and cape from Macys are two of my favorites! 

3. Loafers
Fall Loafers
I cannot get enough of these!! So cute and comfortable. Can be found in every color and variety of prints. I recently received as a gift herringbone loafers from Gap and I love them! They're especially best for school/college. I think I'm going to invest in a pair of black ones as well--just cause a girl should have every item in black!

4. My Fall Color
Source: Vogue.com
Everywhere I've been seeing the "it" color for Fall 2012. I personally am in love with all them but my favorite color has to be this emerald green...hopefully I won't buy everything in this color! 

Thats it for now, inshAllah I'll post part two in a few days. I'll leave you all with some outfit ideas for Fall 2012 that I would wear! Enjoy :)

Fall outfits

The outfit on the left I would probably wear to class or even out for lunch whereas the outfit on the right I would wear on a night out or a special event!
Sweater Fall
Another one of my fall favorites--sweaters! It's still hot right now for these but in a month this going to be my staple look! If I could I wear boots all year around--however weather does not permit that. This is definitely a casual look I would wear to campus or a day out in the city!

hope you enjoyed
until next time,

stay stylin'


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