Wo-Mens Wear


Sweater & Scarf: Forever 21
Jacket: H&M
Mens Jeans and Shoes: Target

One of my favorite sections to shop at Forever or H&M is the..mens section! No no I'm not talking about what you're thinking about... obviously but using the size of mens clothing to a hijabi's advantage! So many times I've gone through the womens section looking for a long white tank or tee to wear under a blazer or a cardigan. Either their not long enough and if they are they'e way too tight on the rear end! I went shopping with my cousins in the city and one of my cousins was looking through the guys section. I assumed she was getting a gift for her husband but she was actually looking for herself..And I thought..genius! So thats how my husband and I started shopping in the same sections. Now obviously we can't start wearing everything from there so in this post I'll share how I like to style mens clothes..

1) Basic Tees and Tanks

White Tee: H&M Mens
Jean Button up: H&M Mens
Floral Hijab: Charlotte Russe
The easiest is obviously Tees and Tanks. I usually get a size medium so they're long and wide. You can throw a blazer, cardigan, jean jacket or a jean shirt on top. Some other tees I like to get are striped and graphic tees. Honestly, the mens graphic tees are wittier and just better! This jean shirt is actually my husbands giving it a overize button up look. Here a way it can be worn with a maxi skirt as well:

White Tee: H&M Mens
Tribal Cardigan: Boutique
Maxi Skirt & Hijab: Forever 21

2) Button Ups
Wo-mens wear

Sometimes I wish my husband wore a size small so I could just not shop and wear all his button ups..but unfortunately he's a medium. Many of the women's' flannel shirts and button ups just don't quite cover the derriere. But luckily the mens shirts do! Pair this shirt with colored skinnies and oxfords or combat boots for a casual rugged look! 

3) Boyfriend Jeans  
(all images from google)
Now when this trend came out...I was a little skeptical about it considering I'm short and this style might make me look shorter and well...wider. However, if styled properly it doesn't necessarily need to! I looked everywhere for boyfriends at forever 21, h&m, cotton on, etc. but they all fit me like regular jeans so then I just gave up. A little while ago, a friend of mine (check her out on instagram!)  instagrammed a picture with boyfriend jeans that I loved..and where from? the mens section!! So I went to target and bought myself the smallest size in the mens section (first picture of this post). Now if you have skinny legs, you can find boyfriend jeans in the actual women's section but if you got wide hips and bigger thighs then maybe you should check out the mens section. You can wear it casual with a sweater and flats like Jessica Alba and Kim K or make it a little fancy with a blazer and heels like Rachel Bilson--all amazing fashion inspirations!                         

Alright everyone..thats it for today. Sorry for the super late post but with midterms and hurricane sandy this got delayed a few weeks! I'll definitely be posting before the end of this month! I'm not sure what the next post is going to be but I'm thinking of re-creating some celebrity looks!! If you have suggestions do let me know:) Also check out my instagram for more looks!! 
until next time,

stay warm!


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