Breathable Nail Polish!

So unfortunately after much consideration..I feel as its my duty to share my changed feelings about this. A friend of mine emailed Inglot to ask how much it penetrates and if through many layers. They do not have sufficient research on it. Even before knowing it may not go through many layers..I felt uncomfortable praying with it on. I had that doubt and as we know if there is doubt it is better to stay away from it. Salah is something extremely important to us and its something I rather not risk..sorry ladies too good to be true!


I was so excited about this, that I have to share it with you all! A company by the name of Inglot released a nail polish that is claimed to be breathable, meaning it allows water and oxygen to pass through and keeps the nails in the best condition! My first question was...wait I can wear nail polish all the time and not just once a month? I was a little skeptical about it but then a friend told me that someone on the Suhaib Webb Blog actually went through the ruling!! here is the article for everyone to read:

Is Breathable Nail Polish sufficient for Wudhu? (YES!!)

I was a little upset cause I had mentioned one day I wanted to invent a nail polish we can somehow pray in and someone beat me to it but thank god they did! It is a little pricey but one or two colors or worth it for everyday wear. They have a lot of choices too. I'm definitely going to get a neutral color like nude or pink and dark burgundy for fall! There are stores around the world but if you're not close to any of them you can buy it online too! You can find them online here.

Btw, I'm not claiming it is haram or halal...I am simply passing on information I know that is super exciting for muslim sisters. Based on the article and your own knowledge, it is up to you to make the decision!

I know I have not posted in a while but I've been so caught up with finals and such. InshAllah I will be posting before the month is over on Winter Trend report and possibly a celebrity look for less. I'll leave you with some of my recent OOTD's :) One of these and an older one were actually posted in Winnie Detwa's Strety Style: Chilly Weather inspired womens edition!!! Enjoy :)


  1. After reading some articles and emailing inglot about how much water actually penetrates or if it even goes through many layers..I have come to the conclusion that I rather not risk my prayer. Sorry ladies to good to be true!


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