Monday, December 23, 2013

7 winter essentials + lookbook

sweatshirt: DIY by @thatgirlyusra // lipstick: black cherry by revlon
baby its cold outside! If you're experiencing winter like I am here in the northeast, it really is cold! The first snowfall was beautiful to watch from inside but a pain to be in. Yet there's still a calmness about it. In winter my main rule is to bundle up but that doesn't mea just thick sweats and puffy jackets. Winter to me, is all about basics. Two favorites of mine this winter are dark lipsticks and anything gray! You'll see a lot of it coming up. Here, what I think, are 7 essentials for this winter plus some awesome looks just for you guys!! enjoy ;)
1. Statement Coat
bag&sweater&coat: zara // jeans: forever 21
This is my number one. Iff you do not get anything this season you must get this! Sometimes if Im running errands I'll even wear my home clothes inside but my statement jacket on top just makes it look so much better. Statement jackets can be whatever you want: a unique structure, a cape jacket, a bright color, oversized jacket, or patterned one. I bought a cape one I can't wait to show you all!
2. Cowl Scarf
cowl scarf: h&m // hijab: urban outfitters
Another key to staying warm: chunky cowl scarves!! These scarves really keep me warm on the super cold days! They can add some color to your look as well. Sometimes if I catch myself wearing all black I'll throw this mustard or a purple one on!

3. Statement Gloves
maxi&jean jacket: forever 21 //  plaid shirt: target // lipstick: courtisone by sephora rouge
90's kid? totally! That was the inspiration behind this look. I wish I had a full body shot but it was super cold that day so I quickly took it! Gloves add so much personality! I have these cut off gloves that I love for the warmer days. I also recently purchased leather quilted gloves that I cannot wait to wear!! These were 4 bucks from forever and my leather was were 12 from target!
4. Booties
skirt & scarf: h&m // jacket: boutique // booties: forever 21
We all have plenty of's time to get booties! I was hesitant too but they give an outfit a completely different look. I purchased these beautiful brown booties from Forever for 12 bucks! yes 12! They had 50% all boots and I jumped on it! They're surprisingly comfortable too. This is probably my favorite outfit in terms of colors. Everything I love about winter is in this outfit! :)

5. Leather
leather pants&scarf: h&M // booties: target
OH leather. I really thought this would be a trend but has definitely become a staple in my closet! leather pants, leather sleeved sweaters and jackets, leather gloves, bags, etc. It's here to stay. It's hard to find not so tight leather pants, most of them are tights. I got these pants from h&m. Cotton on has some now too! You can always get a leather jacket or leather sleeved jacket too. It's basically unavoidable. 

6. Fur
maxi&leather jacket: forever 21 // fur vest&neck scarf: h&m 
Fur is just so winter! If fur vests aren't your thing, try out a fur collar at least. It just makes you feel glamorous :) most stores are carrying fur vests, jackets and collars now!

7. Sparkle
shirt: dor l' dor boutique // shoes&bag: forever21
Can't forget some winter sparkle. The prettiest part of snow is how it glistens when the sun beams on it. Add some sparkle to your outfit with a statement necklae like mine, something with sequin and shine...but not too much. Just a little ;)

hope you enjoyed! here are some more of my winter looks!

happy holidays,
with love
sania <3

Sunday, December 1, 2013

batwings, poncho's & capes!

salaaam everyone! Though I am not a fan of cold winter nights, I do love some warm oversized batwing sweaters, ponchos, capes...whatever you want to call it! Their so cozy, warm and chic. A simple sweater with skinnys and heels and some statement jewelry and you're ready to go out. These are also perfect for holiday parties to come this season. Although we don't celebrate many of the holidays we still end up getting together for the days off just to spend time with family and friends. Here are some different types that I have worn recently and in the past.

Cape Sweater: H&M // Leather Pants: H&M // Booties: Target
I'm going to begin with my favorite piece!! I got his beautiful cape sweater from H&M a few week ago. It was a little pricey but I just fell in love and it was exactly what I had been looking for. This is definitely a statement sweater so I just paired it with a black hijab, leather pants, and booties. I spiced it up with some glam eye makeup and red lipstick. I wore this to a friend's house who hosted a Friendsgiving party! Everyone really loved it. 

Leather Pants: H&M // Cape: Dor L' Dor Boutique

Cape jackets are the best! Sometimes you may look like Batman, but it's totally worth it. There is just something so sophisticated about a cape. I'm looking for a black one lately since gray is a little harder to pair with many of my clothes. I also wore black booties to make my legs look longer instead of short and stubbly. 

Palazzos: H&M // Blouse: Forever 21 // Shawl: Macy's // Necklace: Zara

You get invited to a party and the dress code is.."Holiday Wear". What does that even mean? Well to me to means the above picture. I love shawls and sweaters for the holiday. I also think it means bling and sequins! That's what reminds me of Holiday wear. I wore this outfit this past thanksgiving at our family party.

Sweater & Jeans: Forever 21 // Boots: Call it Spring
This is more of a casual cozy look for the not so fancy events. This batwing sweater is so cozy and just makes you want to go to sleep in it! I usually wear it to school or for my long days running errands. I was so excited when I found this one cause of how long it is! I could not give this one up. 
Pants & Poncho: H&M // Hijab: Forever 21
This is also another everyday look. This can be also be worn in some work environments. For myself working in a office, it fits well. It may not go with formal business dress codes but can work for many such as teachers, those working with kids, and other places similar places with a casual dress code. The office I work at is also freezing!! This sweater really comes in handy and keeps me super warm. 

hope you enjoyed. check out similar pieces below
with love,

Poncho's: Forever 21, Macy's, Macy's 2
Sweaters: Forever 21, Forever 21 2, Nordstrom 
Cape Jackets: Forever 21, Nordstrom

Thursday, November 28, 2013

sweatpants obsession feat. Secret Veils tee

Ok honestly. This is the best trend yet. If you knew me when I was a kid, shockingly...I was a tomboy! So you can see why I am so excited for this sweats trend. Comfy, cute and anyone can pull them off! You can dress them down for those bummed out days and you can dress them up with a blazer and cute pumps. I currently have one in black and one in gray. I really want to get more but for now these are enough :) Here a few ways to style sweats!

look 1: blazer + sweats feat. Secret Veils tee

Sweats: Cotton on // Tee: Secret Veils // Blazer: Forever 21 // Shoes: Aldo // HIjab: Target
Can we first just talk about how I purchased these pants for only 10 dollars! Cotton on has some good sales and this was an awesome buy! They had it in black which I should of bought too but since I already had another one in black I decided not to! Secret Veils sent me this super cute tee. I love graphic tee's and this is one I'll definitely be wearing. They go with sweats, jeans, skirts, really anything! I paired it with a blazer to give my top some structure. I also just love a blazer and sweats look together. You could switch out these loafers for some cute pumps too for a night time look!

look 2: grunge?
sweats: men's H&M // sweater, jacket, cut off gloves: forever 21 // shoes: spring 
This second look is really casual. I wear this all the time to class, running errands, mall, etc. This is perfect for this cold weather. I could totally live with this bummed out trend. These sweats are a little baggier cause initially I could not find sweats that were actually loose for me and I bought these mens sweatpants in a small. I the found the cotton on gray ones that surprisingly fit me like they should. I swear h&m and forever don't realize some of us got wide hips! I wore a tight leather jacket to balance out the entire look.  

look 3: leather deets feat. @thatgirlyusra
Sweats, boots, jacket: Forever 21 
Don't be fooled, this isn't me! This is my super trendy younger sister. I got these sweats for her that have this awesome quilted leather detail on the pockets. This is definitely a combat inspired looked with her military jacket and combat boots. She added a little femininity with the gold necklace and dark lips. Make sure to follow her on instagram @thatgirlyusra :) 

look 4: neon tracks feat. @sobi1canobi

My super classy friend also did a post on how to style sweats/track pants. I love her style and she is one hijabi that can pull of neon, correctly! I love the all black with the hint of color and the bold kufayyah scarf. Make sure to follow her @sobi1canobi and check out her latest post too!

have a happy thanksgiving if you celebrate it. remember to say #alhamduillah everyday :)
Thank you to those who read my blog and for all the support!

with love,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Farasha Abaya Review & Looks

Salaam! I know its been a super long time (I feel like i say that a lot...) but october was really busy with school and events. InshAllah I'll be back to my regular 2-3 posts a month :) So I was sent this gorgeous abayah from a company called Al-Hadiyyyah. I've always wanted one of these batwing type abayahs and was so excited when I got this Elegant Farasha Abaya. It's so flowy, makes me feel like a total princess. I love this simplee one since I can style a few different ways for different occasions. Here are some ways I would wear it!

1. Off to Uni
Hijab: Forever 21 // Bag: Target // Belt: Thrifted
Okay I'm not from London but I love how all the hijabi bloggers say "uni"'s such a cooler way to say it instead of college or class! Anyways I paired with this belt to emphasize the waist and added a maroon hijab for some more color. I love this backpack from target which totally goes with the uni look. Since the abaya is black, you can really pair anything with it! 

2. Totally Caj
Hijab/Turban: Forever 21 // Infinity Scarf: H&M

Turbannn? Whattt? Okay I probably would never wear a turban outside but I just felt it went this look. I don't think a turban really suits my personality or face shape. I also have a fear its going to get caught on something and just slip right off! But anyways this is perfect for this fall weather. I'm even wearing a turtleneck underneath so I was super warm! I also just love the drapery on this abayah and the lines it creates. 

3. Night Out

Leather Jacket: Forever 21 // Scarf: Ebay // Necklace: Call it Spring
Lastly, I styled this abayah for more of a night out look. The abayah is flat on the neck area so it's a perfect place for a statement necklace! I paired it with more of a fitted leather jacket and a simple taupe hijab. Even with the jacket on top the drapery on the abaya still looks amazing! I also added some color to my lips to this all neutral look. 


Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to check out more of Al-Hadiyyah's designs!! 

with love,

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Lookbook + Guide

Cape Sweater & Jeans: Forever 21 // Shirt: H&M // Shoes: Spring // Scarf: Random
YAYYYYY! Fall is here :) Okay I may be a little too excited but it really is my favorite season. Not just because of the clothes but the weather, the cozy crisp feeling in the air, hot latte's, beautiful colors and the modest clothes all equal perfection. I probably am attached to it more because my birthday is during dall + its when I met my husband! So this season is just happiness all around. Since it is my favorite season I decided to an extensive lookbook + fall guide for you guys. It's a combination of some old fall looks and some new ones. Many items you may already have from last year, I definitely did! I honestly did not buy too many new items this Fall. Most things you probably already have are high boots, oversized sweaters, infinity scarves, a leather jacket, and fall color-inspiration items (mustard, burgundy, rust). You don't have to do too much this season, just add a few things to your wardrobe and you're good to go! Most of my pieces are from last year such as this leather jacket, cheetah scarf, emerald green bag, and fur vest. Here are a few items that you need to revamp your wardrobe for this Autumn! 

 1. Shades of Gray
Jacket: Random // Gray Hi Lo: Forever 21 // Scarf: H&M 
All shades of gray are in for this fall. Whether its a gray shirt, skirt, jacket, sweater or scarf--make sure to get a gray piece for your wardrobe. I got this super comfy gray hi lo shirt from Forever just a few weeks ago. It also comes in black and maroon and its full sleeves! 
Similar here: Gray Hi Lo

2. Boyfriend Jeans
BF Jeans, Cardi, Necklace, Shoes, Scarf: Forever 21 // Bag: Aldo 
Boyfriends jeans made an appearance last year and they sure aren't going anywhere. These are pefect for these warmer fall days and can be paired with sandals, combat boots or booties. I absolutely love this trend. I''ll take loose jeans over skin tight ones any day! I dressed them up above but can be worn casually too with a tee and oversized sweater. 
Similar here: BF Jeans

3. Leopard Print
Skirt: H&M // Chambray Shirt: Forever 21 // Scarf: H&M
Animal prints continue to come back every season but in different colors. A basic leopard scarf is perfect for autumn. It adds a pop of print in an everyday outfit like I styled above. Again you see the shades of gray :)
Similar here: Scarf

4. Cape Sweater

Cape Sweater & Jeans: Forever 21 // Shirt: H&M // Shoes: Spring // Scarf: Random

My favorite new item of this season! The basic sweater has been changed up. It's really hard resisting to buy every long open cardigan! This one from Forever is beyond comfy and just covers all the right parts. If you go to the cardigan section of Forever 21 they have a bunch in different designs, textures and colors. I try to go for more of the basic prints and colors like black and white, beige, black--so I can wear it more often :) If you're going to get any one of the items in this post, get this one!
Similar: Cape Cardi

5.  Leather Jacket
Skirt: H&M // Tribal Top: Forever 21 // Jacket: Random 
I cannot recall how many times I've mentioned a leather jacket. I think I should stop after this! It just is that one item that is all year round and goes with anything for any season. You should already have this!
Similar here: Leather Jacket

6. Jewel Tones
Bag & Blazer: H&M // Necklace, Scarf: Forever 21 // Dress: One Clothing at Macys
Jewel tones are most inspired by the colorful leaves of fall: Sapphire, emerald, amethyst, ruby and topaz just to name a few. They also compliment each other well, similar to how I styled above. Definitely get one jewel tone piece in your closet for this fall, whether it be a bag, dress, necklace or hijab!
Similar bag: Bag
Similar dress: Maxi 

7. Parka
Jeans & Loafers: Target // Parka, Sweater, Scarf: Forever 21
Can't get enough of these. They have become a staple for the Fall and Spring. It's a perfect light jacket to have. Some are even coming out with fur inside for the colder days coming up. If you're going to get one, I'd say get it in black...well because what else would be better?
Similar Parka: Parka 1, Parka 2

8. Tube Scarf
Jeans, Chambray Top, Vest, Scarf: Forever 21 // Infinity Scarf: Cotton On // Boots: Macys
This may not be needed yet but in a month or two--this will be on your neck everyday! If you're on the northeast or in colder regions, this is a must! It really keeps your neck and chest warm. Get it in a jewel tone or a nice pop of color. It adds a nice touch especially when in the winter most of us are covered in black head to toe!
Similar: Tube Scarf

9. Furrrrr
Boots: Macys // Fur Vest: H&M
Ahhh! The fur vest. This one is tricky. You can easily go from fab to drab with these. If you are going to wear one, everything else should be all black or neutral. You want the fur to pop and since the fur vest is super glam, you don't want too much going on everywhere else. 
Similar Fur Vest: Vest 1, Vest 2

10. Booties
Jeans, Jacket & Scarf: Forever 21// Booties: Target // Button Up: H&M // Necklace: Zara // Bag: Aldo
Booties! I love these. I wanted to invest in some last year but never got around to it. This year since I'm interning at a more professional place these are perfect for the cold weather. Our office tends to be really cold so even with regular loafers it gets chilly. Booties are perfect for that. They're even super cute on night out. 
Same Booties, Similar booties

1. Dark Lip 
Lipstick: Courtisane by Sephora Rouge      
Lipstick: Crush by Sephora Rouge 
Now we can't forget some extra cute accessories. For makeup in the fall, I really really love a dark lip. It's perfect for those days where you just wear concealer and mascara. The dark lip really just gives that oomph! My favorites for fall are plum and maroon shades.

2. Winter Hues Nails 
Nails: O2M Nail Enamel #649 by Inglot
Nails: I will! by L'Oreal 
I only get to do my nails for a few times but good thing is that winter hues are in for fall too. Grays and whites are the new it colors. Traditional fall colors like maroon and plum are always perfect too! 

3. Statement Necklace
Statement Necklace: Zara
I want to do a post just on statement necklaces. These are just absolutely stunning. Just by itself and with a white tee and jeans is perfect. I got this one above on sale from Zara for only 14.99! My friend just bought me another one from Zara that I CANNOT wait to wear! When you do wear one, remember to keep everything else simple. Also make sure to wear a loose shirt since you'll be pushing your hijab back. Dina Tokio has an awesome hijab tutorial to show them cute necklaces ;)
Similar: Necklace 1Necklace 2Necklace 3

4. Midi Rings
Midi Rings: Forever 21

If you know me, you know I love love rings. I recently got into necklaces but I have always had a knack for unique rings. When these cute midi rings came out, I knew had to have them. At first they were only available through like etsy or other really expensive outlets. Then finally, Forever, H&m and all of our favorite stories started to carry them as well. 
Similar: Ring 1Ring 2
5. Bracelet Ring 

Bracelet-Ring: Call it Spring
So if you anything about desi culture--you now this style was first ours! jk...not really. My mom gave me one that she had from pakistan for my wedding and I saw her wearing similar ones like these when I was younger. What I like about the new trend is that, unlike the desi ones, their more simple and dainty--making it much easier for everyday wear.
Similar: Bracelet

More Looks!

WOOOH! That was a long post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

with love,