A Hijabi's Long Black Dress

Flipping through fashion magazines, you always find  “The Little Black Dress”—every girl should have one! But what about us who cant wear that little black dress? Worry not because we have our own Black Dress: the Long Black Dress! Whether it is a black maxi, black abayah or even a black skirt, it is your best friend. It is transformable through seasons and versatile enough to be worn to any event! I myself have worn it to lunch with my friends, the beach, at dinner with my husband and local community events. Here a few different ways that you can utilize the Long Black Dress throughout the year.
1)    Floral Fun

Maxi Skirt & Scarf: H&M // Jean Shirt: Forever 21
Here I paired a jean shirt with a black maxi skirt and a fun floral hijab. I would definitely wear this out to brunch with my friends. Maxi skirts can be made casual like above with a jean shirt or a graphic tee and cardigan. For a night look, I would definitely wear a chiffon blouse with a blazer and some heels.

2)   Summer Brights
Maxi Dress/Crop Top/Scarf: Forever 21
This was my staple look this past summer and definitely will be again this coming spring and summer. Here I paired a black maxi with a crop top! Forever 21 had an abundance of them in so many different colors and prints; it was hard not to buy them. This look can be worn this season now with a pastel or sparkle short sweater on top. The best part about this look is, its extremely comfortable!

3)   Vested Abayah
Maxi Dress/Jean Vest/Scarf: Forever 21 // Bag: Zara 
These days I am loving vests! Although above I am wearing a maxi with a long sleeve tee underneath, it can easily be replaced with a black abayah. You can wear all types of vests on top such as a jean vest, leather vest and if you want to really be bold then a fur vest! All black and possibly a cream fur vest with some pop of color accessories would be great for a night out!

4)   Bold Blazer
Maxi: Forever 21 // Blouse, Scarf, Bag: Joyce Leslie // Blazer: H&M
            This last look is the most recent. It may seem as if I am wearing a skirt but I have actually paired this blouse with a black maxi. I added a blazer to give the look some structure.  Blazers, in all colors and prints, can be found in all stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters. Printed blazers and contrast sleeve blazers are really in for Spring 2013 and are a perfect match for a black maxi or abayah.

I hope after this post you invest in your own Long Black dress, whether it’s a maxi dress, a skirt or an abayah. It is my go to piece and maybe now it’ll be yours too! I'll leave you with some more ways I've styled the Long Black Dress :)



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  2. Love this post mA! I'm a fan of your blog! I hope you take requests lol, I've been looking for simple pieces to wear to interviews/career fairs, and for those types of things they recommend black/white but I can't make it work without looking like I'm going to a funeral/too layered/frumpy. It would be amazing if you could post on comfortable simple professional pieces :)

    1. that means so much to me!! Of coursee I want to hear what you guys want to see! lol inshAllah I actually am working on a Professional/Work Wear Post. I have a post in between that but inshAllah I will be in 2 weeks or so. Im really trying to commit to posting at least once a week! :)

    2. Seriously looking forward to it iA :)

  3. I love this!! Awesome blog Masha Allah :))

  4. Good sharing,if you want see more such dresses,you can go here.and i think you will be like it.


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