Intro to Layering

                  Sweater/Maxi: F21 // Bag: H&M                Striped/Chambray Shirt/Scarf: F21         Button-up: F21 // Scarf: Joyce // Sweater: H&M  
                                      Scarf: Target                              Pants: H&M // Boots: Nordstrom               Trousers: NY & Company // Shoes: Kohls

These cold days of winter make it extremely difficult to dress cute without freezing to death! This is where the art of layering is used. I, myself, am always freezing even when everyone else is warm. It's a lot of fun finding different ways to layer and can produce some interesting outfits. Here are some fun ways I've learned to layer this past fall and winter! 

Layering with Vests 

Vests are a great way to layer without adding too much bulk to the outfit. The first layer should be a thinner material closely fitted to the body. Since all my other pieces are neutral I went for a mint green sweater and leopard hijab. I then added a short leather jacket with the sheep vest on top. This gives an illusion of a contrast-leather sleeve jacket, which is really in right now. This vest can easily be replaced with others such as a jean, fur, blazer or utility vest. I'd definitely be caught wearing this to class!

Layering with Button-Ups 

I'm pretty sure all of us have button ups in all colors and I know we're all sick of the button up/colored skinnies look. Instead of giving these up, it is a great piece to use for layering especially for more of a professional look. These pants can also be switched out for wide legged trousers or even a maxi skirt. Many times work places have the air conditioner blasting so this is a perfect way to look appropriate for work and stay warm as well. And if it does get hot, you can always take a layer off.

Layering with Prints 
This is definitely one of the trickier ones. Learning how to mix prints is hard at first but if done correctly you can make combine different pieces you never thought you could! A black and white print can be treated as any neutral print. Most if not all prints will go with it. I chose a simple black and white striped shirt, a perfect layering piece. I then added a chambray shirt for extra warmth but making sure it does not cover the first layer. Lastly, I added a printed piece to create depth. This tribal print cardigan really catches the eye and does not create any extra bulk.

Layering with Scarves
                                                                                 Casual                                    Loop Around
                                                                             Classic Knot                               DIY Infinity

Scarves a great way to add character and of course, warmth to your outfit! I feel some prints are too loud to smack on my head, probably because I'm just self-conscious. But since I love printed scarves I  make use of it by wrapping it around my neck in these four ways.

It definitely takes a while to master the art of layering but once you do, you can make use of a lot more individual pieces in your closet. I'm sure you all have noticed I use a lot of my pieces in a variety of ways. Hope you learned a few tips on layering from the few ways I have this past season! :)


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  1. Salam Sania, I love layering, especially in winter.
    Thanks for the great tips, I will definitely follow them.
    Take care.

    1. wasalam! aw thank you, im glad i could help!! :)

  2. salaams sania,
    I just ran into your blog for the first time today and looked over a lot of your posts! your style is adorable mashaAllah and i am so happy to see a Muslim girl represent Islam in a proper way.. it is discouraging to see many popular "Islamic" fashion icons take pics with their butts sticking out or their chest exposed. The beauty is in the modesty! Keep it up Sania! may Allah swt reward you and may you encourage girls to dress modestly and be fashionable at the time. :)


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