Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trendy Tuesday: Loose/Harem Pants

Top: H&M // Pants: Forever 21// Cardigan: Love Culture
As I skim through celebrity and fashion magazines, I noted many designers models wearing loose pants and harem pants. The harem pants trend was here a while ago and has made a return. This time, however I think the pants are more elegant and tailored better then they were when they first appeared on the runway. Being Desi, my mom hates this trend. She does not understand why I was wearing a shalwar with short shirts! She still isn't the biggest fan but I think she prefers it over skinny jeans. My favorite part is that it is really Hijab friendly. Since these pants are loosely fitted, you don't have to go looking for a long top and can opt for a shorter top. 

Celebs, of course, do not miss on any trends. I personally love how Kourtney Kardashian (Style Inspiration Post coming soon!) styled it with neutral colors and a perfect leather jacket. If your taller and have a smaller frame, you can definitely pair it with a flowy tee. Here are some other ways celebs have styled this comeback trend. 


If you plan on getting a pair, I would go for a black or neutral print because they are easier to style and versatile as well. I like the printed ones because you can actually show the print with shorter tops which is opposite of wearing printed skinny jeans. Here are some places you can get a pair of your own! :)
Forever 21: Striped, Tribal
Zara: Jacquard, Crossover (similar to Nicole Richie's) 
Urban Outfitters: Floral, Printed

Look out for my next post: 5 Staples for Spring!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Style Inspiration: Olsen Sisters

It is pretty rare to find modest inspiration from celebs without altering most of the outfit. However, the Olsen Sisters are the exception. Not only are they only modest but always classy. I grew up adoring them on Full House and now I am obsessed with their style. They excel at what I consider to be minimalist fashion. It's never complicated with them, just a few simple but beautiful pieces. 

On the red carpet they usually appear in long elegant dresses with minimal accessories such as a clutch, belt or necklace. They complete their looks with simple and chic hairstyles. My favorite part is how their makeup never clashes with their outfit. Below, Ashley is wearing a bright orange dress so she kept her makeup neutral. While, Mary-Kate did a dramatic makeup look with her simple white dress. 


Their street style is nothing but better. I could definitely see myself wearing each one of these looks, probably because they all have black in them! Again, they have simple accessories that complete the whole look. My favorite part about each of these is the awesome sunglasses.


Lastly, we cannot forget Elizabeth Olsen, their twins' little sister who recently emerged into the public. She could definitely pass off as their triplet especially with her similar minimalist fashion. She always keeps it sophisticated on the red carpet and her street style just as simple.


Here are some pieces inspired by the Olsen Sisters Street Style that you can find for yourself!

             Chambray Shirt                                 Leather Jacket                 Oversized Gray Sweater
                           White Blazer                           Black Maxi Skirt                      Leather Pants 
Black Trousers           Olive Jeans

with love,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trend Tuesday: The New Neutral

Skirt: H&M // Tee: Forever 21
Every store I have entered in the past few weeks all have one common color theme: Khaki green. It also goes by olive green or army green, whatever you choose to call it, it is definitely spring's new neutral. It can be found as a skirt, maxi dress, button up, sweater, trouser and even jacket--it goes with it all. I styled it with a tribal tee and leather jacket for a casual feel. I went to Forever 21, H&M and Zara at Menlo Mall in Edison to show you how accessible this color is!

1. Maxi Dress:  Forever 21

2. Parka Jacket: Forever 21
Other similar ones: Jacket 1, Jacket 2,  Jacket 3, Jacket 4
3. Trousers: H&M
Other similar ones: Pants 1, Pants 2, Pants 3
4. Tops: Forever H&M, Zara

          (Forever 21)                                                (H&M)

Other similar ones:  Button Up, Sweater Blazer, Blazer

So you get the point, it is everywhere! For the spring, I would suggest going for at least one or two khakhi green pieces: probably a parka and maybe a blouse or trousers. The parka is an easy buy especially if you are thinking about buying a new spring jacket. The blouse or trousers are also versatile to wear it many different pieces. I recently purchased a green parka with black leather sleeves and I simply cannot wait till it is warm enough for me to wear it!

Look out for my next post: Celebrity Style Inspiration!