Trendy Tuesday: Loose/Harem Pants

Top: H&M // Pants: Forever 21// Cardigan: Love Culture
As I skim through celebrity and fashion magazines, I noted many designers models wearing loose pants and harem pants. The harem pants trend was here a while ago and has made a return. This time, however I think the pants are more elegant and tailored better then they were when they first appeared on the runway. Being Desi, my mom hates this trend. She does not understand why I was wearing a shalwar with short shirts! She still isn't the biggest fan but I think she prefers it over skinny jeans. My favorite part is that it is really Hijab friendly. Since these pants are loosely fitted, you don't have to go looking for a long top and can opt for a shorter top. 

Celebs, of course, do not miss on any trends. I personally love how Kourtney Kardashian (Style Inspiration Post coming soon!) styled it with neutral colors and a perfect leather jacket. If your taller and have a smaller frame, you can definitely pair it with a flowy tee. Here are some other ways celebs have styled this comeback trend. 


If you plan on getting a pair, I would go for a black or neutral print because they are easier to style and versatile as well. I like the printed ones because you can actually show the print with shorter tops which is opposite of wearing printed skinny jeans. Here are some places you can get a pair of your own! :)
Forever 21: Striped, Tribal
Zara: Jacquard, Crossover (similar to Nicole Richie's) 
Urban Outfitters: Floral, Printed

Look out for my next post: 5 Staples for Spring!


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