What to Wear: Professional Edition

salaam! I finally sat down to do a post I have been long waiting to do! Many people have requested this but it was difficult for me since I never, until now, was in a professional environment. I usually have interned or worked in schools  involving kids, so I was usually dressed more casual. My new internship is in a Substance Abuse Facility, thus we are required to dress more professional. As a hijabi, it's always more difficult finding out ways to dress in a professional office space, for an interview or just a new job. I like to overdress at the interview or my first day and then get a feel of what everyone else is wearing. At my current internship most people are dressed business casual meaning they're not wearing a full suit but a nice blouse with trousers, sometimes a blazer and for women even skirts and dresses. As a social worker I probably will not have to ever dress in business formal. I plan on working in schools, hospitals or counseling facilities--places don't really require a full suit but do require a business casual look. Here are some looks I wore recently to my internship.

1. The Interview 
Pants & Hijab: Forever 21 // Blazer: H&M // Bag: Zara
This first looks what I wore to my first interview. I chose a pink/nude-ish blazer to keep it simple and neutral. Always keep it simple and neutral. If you are working in a corporate company then a full business suit would be more appropriate but for the most of us this above outfit is enough. I would at least for the interview steer away from bright colors and a lot of jewelry.

2. The First Day 
Palazzo Pants: Love Culture // Tee & Blazer: H&M // Scarf: Forever 21 // Bag: Target
I was a little nervous wearing this for my first day considering they are not tradition work pants. However, I did it anyway! This is an exaggerated version of just wide legged pants. For myself, wide-legged pants are still tight on my hip and thigh area just because my proportions are weird so palazzo pants for me are wide legged pants. These pants can also be switched for a chiffon maxi skirt. And again, keeping it simple with only neutrals.

3. Working with Kids
Dress: One Clothing at Macys // Bag: H&m // Blazer, Necklace & Hijab: Forever 21
I know many of you work with kids whether you are a teacher, therapist, social worker, doctor or counselor. I myself have been working with kids for years now. What I found from my own experience was that kids respond better to brighter colors and prints. So it's important to add some color but mainly keep it comfortable! If you're working with younger kids you're going to be on the floor and walking around a lot! Maxi dresses are perfect for it! I paired this maxi with a blazer to add a hint of professionalism. 
4. Office Casual
Pants and Cardi Shawl: H&M // Scarf: Forever 21
This is what you will find me wearing on the daily. Most offices, especially mine, tend to be really cold! Thus I paired a cardi shawl with slimmer fit trousers. It keeps me warm and covers all necessary areas ;) This is probably the most versatile outfit of all and can be worn really in most professionals that require business casual. 

Hopefully you found some inspiration for yourself from these looks!
Look out for my next post on Fall Looks! (yay, FALL!)

stay simply covered,
sania :)


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