Farasha Abaya Review & Looks

Salaam! I know its been a super long time (I feel like i say that a lot...) but october was really busy with school and events. InshAllah I'll be back to my regular 2-3 posts a month :) So I was sent this gorgeous abayah from a company called Al-Hadiyyyah. I've always wanted one of these batwing type abayahs and was so excited when I got this Elegant Farasha Abaya. It's so flowy, makes me feel like a total princess. I love this simplee one since I can style a few different ways for different occasions. Here are some ways I would wear it!

1. Off to Uni
Hijab: Forever 21 // Bag: Target // Belt: Thrifted
Okay I'm not from London but I love how all the hijabi bloggers say "uni"...it's such a cooler way to say it instead of college or class! Anyways I paired with this belt to emphasize the waist and added a maroon hijab for some more color. I love this backpack from target which totally goes with the uni look. Since the abaya is black, you can really pair anything with it! 

2. Totally Caj
Hijab/Turban: Forever 21 // Infinity Scarf: H&M

Turbannn? Whattt? Okay I probably would never wear a turban outside but I just felt it went this look. I don't think a turban really suits my personality or face shape. I also have a fear its going to get caught on something and just slip right off! But anyways this is perfect for this fall weather. I'm even wearing a turtleneck underneath so I was super warm! I also just love the drapery on this abayah and the lines it creates. 

3. Night Out

Leather Jacket: Forever 21 // Scarf: Ebay // Necklace: Call it Spring
Lastly, I styled this abayah for more of a night out look. The abayah is flat on the neck area so it's a perfect place for a statement necklace! I paired it with more of a fitted leather jacket and a simple taupe hijab. Even with the jacket on top the drapery on the abaya still looks amazing! I also added some color to my lips to this all neutral look. 


Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to check out more of Al-Hadiyyah's designs!! 

with love,


  1. I looooove how the turban looks on you!! (Who said it doesn't suit your face shape?) It looks fabulous!

    Salams from England,
    Philippa :)


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