7 winter essentials + lookbook

sweatshirt: DIY by @thatgirlyusra // lipstick: black cherry by revlon
baby its cold outside! If you're experiencing winter like I am here in the northeast, it really is cold! The first snowfall was beautiful to watch from inside but a pain to be in. Yet there's still a calmness about it. In winter my main rule is to bundle up but that doesn't mea just thick sweats and puffy jackets. Winter to me, is all about basics. Two favorites of mine this winter are dark lipsticks and anything gray! You'll see a lot of it coming up. Here, what I think, are 7 essentials for this winter plus some awesome looks just for you guys!! enjoy ;)
1. Statement Coat
bag&sweater&coat: zara // jeans: forever 21
This is my number one. Iff you do not get anything this season you must get this! Sometimes if Im running errands I'll even wear my home clothes inside but my statement jacket on top just makes it look so much better. Statement jackets can be whatever you want: a unique structure, a cape jacket, a bright color, oversized jacket, or patterned one. I bought a cape one I can't wait to show you all!
2. Cowl Scarf
cowl scarf: h&m // hijab: urban outfitters
Another key to staying warm: chunky cowl scarves!! These scarves really keep me warm on the super cold days! They can add some color to your look as well. Sometimes if I catch myself wearing all black I'll throw this mustard or a purple one on!

3. Statement Gloves
maxi&jean jacket: forever 21 //  plaid shirt: target // lipstick: courtisone by sephora rouge
90's kid? totally! That was the inspiration behind this look. I wish I had a full body shot but it was super cold that day so I quickly took it! Gloves add so much personality! I have these cut off gloves that I love for the warmer days. I also recently purchased leather quilted gloves that I cannot wait to wear!! These were 4 bucks from forever and my leather was were 12 from target!
4. Booties
skirt & scarf: h&m // jacket: boutique // booties: forever 21
We all have plenty of boots...it's time to get booties! I was hesitant too but they give an outfit a completely different look. I purchased these beautiful brown booties from Forever for 12 bucks! yes 12! They had 50% all boots and I jumped on it! They're surprisingly comfortable too. This is probably my favorite outfit in terms of colors. Everything I love about winter is in this outfit! :)

5. Leather
leather pants&scarf: h&M // booties: target
OH leather. I really thought this would be a trend but has definitely become a staple in my closet! leather pants, leather sleeved sweaters and jackets, leather gloves, bags, etc. It's here to stay. It's hard to find not so tight leather pants, most of them are tights. I got these pants from h&m. Cotton on has some now too! You can always get a leather jacket or leather sleeved jacket too. It's basically unavoidable. 

6. Fur
maxi&leather jacket: forever 21 // fur vest&neck scarf: h&m 
Fur is just so winter! If fur vests aren't your thing, try out a fur collar at least. It just makes you feel glamorous :) most stores are carrying fur vests, jackets and collars now!

7. Sparkle
shirt: dor l' dor boutique // shoes&bag: forever21
Can't forget some winter sparkle. The prettiest part of snow is how it glistens when the sun beams on it. Add some sparkle to your outfit with a statement necklae like mine, something with sequin and shine...but not too much. Just a little ;)

hope you enjoyed! here are some more of my winter looks!

happy holidays,
with love
sania <3


  1. Sania I think you are absolutely stunning and have a great eye fir fashion...btw I bought the revlon black cherry myself and it is just gorgeous if you ever plan on visiting dallas then we should deff try meeting up over coffee ~umaima @umaimanasir

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  3. Loving this post. The first picture is my fav! Its the picture that made me look you up. I stumbled upon it on tumblr and saw the resource and found myself here - never looked back since! I've read most if not all of your blog posts in a day. (which was yesterday - new reader alert!)

    Totally in love with this blog. Wish I can find that subscribe button. Will be linking you on my blog... even if I have virtually no readers, it wouldn't hurt to do it just in case. I hope you don't mind.

    back to the post, can I just remind you again how in love I am with this post? that DIY shirt is just fantastic that it's a shame it's a DIY. Would've bought it for myself if I see it here. I have no experience in make up but seeing you rockin the revlon black cherry makes me wanna have a go at it. (which probably will turn out pretty bad haha)

    enjoy your day :3


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