Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trend Tuesday: Monochrome

Top/Vest: Forever 21 // Jeans: Target

Alexander Wang                     Jason Wu                     Marc Jacobs

Starting today, every week on Tuesdays I will be posting a new wearable trend for the season. This week's trend is monochrome--the classic black and white. Every spring, the pretty florals and pastels come out on the runway, which they also have, but this spring designers are emphasizing black and white prints. Seen on runways of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and many more in all prints: polka dots, houndstooth, checkered, stripes...you name it, it was there.

                                       Michael Kors                                       Oscar de la Renta                                            BCBG

Celebs have also already jumped on the trend. Out of all trends for this season, it is definitely the most ready to wear. If you're a risk taker like Miley then definitely try out the beetle juice stripe pants. Vertical stripes on tops or pants will make you appear taller and skinnier. If you have a larger frame, definitely try to avoid horizontal stripes--it will only make you look more broad. However if you have a small upper body, then you can work horizontal stripes to your advantage. Beyonce also rocked this trend by keeping it classy with a black and white jumpsuit at the Grammy Awards. 

The best part about monochrome that it is the easiest trend to wear! I know you definitely have something in your closet! It can be worn as a printed blouse, striped pants, color blocked monochrome or a simple dress. Here are some monochrome items for your closet!

Urban Outfitters: Jacket
Wet Seal: Maxi Skirt

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Intro to Layering

                  Sweater/Maxi: F21 // Bag: H&M                Striped/Chambray Shirt/Scarf: F21         Button-up: F21 // Scarf: Joyce // Sweater: H&M  
                                      Scarf: Target                              Pants: H&M // Boots: Nordstrom               Trousers: NY & Company // Shoes: Kohls

These cold days of winter make it extremely difficult to dress cute without freezing to death! This is where the art of layering is used. I, myself, am always freezing even when everyone else is warm. It's a lot of fun finding different ways to layer and can produce some interesting outfits. Here are some fun ways I've learned to layer this past fall and winter! 

Layering with Vests 

Vests are a great way to layer without adding too much bulk to the outfit. The first layer should be a thinner material closely fitted to the body. Since all my other pieces are neutral I went for a mint green sweater and leopard hijab. I then added a short leather jacket with the sheep vest on top. This gives an illusion of a contrast-leather sleeve jacket, which is really in right now. This vest can easily be replaced with others such as a jean, fur, blazer or utility vest. I'd definitely be caught wearing this to class!

Layering with Button-Ups 

I'm pretty sure all of us have button ups in all colors and I know we're all sick of the button up/colored skinnies look. Instead of giving these up, it is a great piece to use for layering especially for more of a professional look. These pants can also be switched out for wide legged trousers or even a maxi skirt. Many times work places have the air conditioner blasting so this is a perfect way to look appropriate for work and stay warm as well. And if it does get hot, you can always take a layer off.

Layering with Prints 
This is definitely one of the trickier ones. Learning how to mix prints is hard at first but if done correctly you can make combine different pieces you never thought you could! A black and white print can be treated as any neutral print. Most if not all prints will go with it. I chose a simple black and white striped shirt, a perfect layering piece. I then added a chambray shirt for extra warmth but making sure it does not cover the first layer. Lastly, I added a printed piece to create depth. This tribal print cardigan really catches the eye and does not create any extra bulk.

Layering with Scarves
                                                                                 Casual                                    Loop Around
                                                                             Classic Knot                               DIY Infinity

Scarves a great way to add character and of course, warmth to your outfit! I feel some prints are too loud to smack on my head, probably because I'm just self-conscious. But since I love printed scarves I  make use of it by wrapping it around my neck in these four ways.

It definitely takes a while to master the art of layering but once you do, you can make use of a lot more individual pieces in your closet. I'm sure you all have noticed I use a lot of my pieces in a variety of ways. Hope you learned a few tips on layering from the few ways I have this past season! :)


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Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Maxi Skirt, Five Looks!

This has to be by far my favorite post to write! I love taking one article of clothing and completely transforming it into various types of looks. I was super psyched when I found this beautiful blue skirt from  Zara on sale for only 20 bucks! Zara is usually a little pricey but they always have the best sales. I bought some other items too that you all will definitely be seeing soon. Anyways, I tried to make these 5 looks different and diverse as possible. Enjoy:)

Blouse/Belt: Forever 21 // Bag: H&M

Like I said, cheetah goes with absolutely anything! Here I wanted to create an eye-catching look. I paired the blue skirt with a cheetah top and neon orange bag. Since there is so much going on, black hijab is definitely the best option. To give the outfit some shape, I added a tan belt to give my waist some definition. This is something I would wear to a day event such as a baby or bridal shower. It can easily be transformed to night outfit with a blazer, black belt and heels. 

Total Hipster.
Sparkle Sweater: Forever 21 // Scarf & Bag: Target

You would definitely catch me in this look going to class. Backpacks are totally in but always remember to 2 strap it ;) Glasses are a perfect accessory especially for those days that you don't have time to put makeup on. These sweaters may be too short for skinnies but are the perfect length for maxi skirts and dresses. Lastly, even though you can barely see them, I wore some oxfords to complete this hipster-ish look!

Blouse, Blazer, Heels: Forever 21 // Bag: Zara
A lot of people have been asking me for some professional looks, so here is one of many to come. Its definitely difficult to dress for interviews and jobs. I think this is a perfect outfit to wear for an interview or even a day at the office. You can also switch out the skirt for wide legged trousers or palazzos as well. Blazers can be worn really anywhere and the best place is at work. This Zara bag was an awesome find a few months ago only for $50. I wear this bag to my internship most days of the week. I finished this look off with pointy Forever 21 heels. 

Feminine & Edgy.
Shirt: Forever 21 // Leather Jacket: Random Boutique
I love combining soft and hard pieces together. Since most leather jackets are too short to wear with jeans and such; they are perfect for maxis! I would probably wear this to class our a day out in the city. Skull scarves have been around for a while and just add on to the edgy feel.

Comfy & Casual.
Shirt: Forever 21 // Printed Scarf: Marshalls // Bag: Zara
For the last look, I decide to go real casual. I always find printed scarves that I love but they wont necessary look flattering on our head--at least not for me. But that doesn't mean you can't wear it. I love the scarf around neck look and is easy to do with loud prints like these. I would definitely throw this on  to run errands or for a day at the mall. I know you can't see them but I wore black boots underneath for extra comfort. 

I hope you found one look that goes with your type of style. I personally don't have 'one' style and love to try a little bit of everything. This blue skirt can easily be switched off for a black or any colored skirt. Spring is coming up and these will be everywhere, get one while they are here! :)


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Hijabi's Long Black Dress

Flipping through fashion magazines, you always find  “The Little Black Dress”—every girl should have one! But what about us who cant wear that little black dress? Worry not because we have our own Black Dress: the Long Black Dress! Whether it is a black maxi, black abayah or even a black skirt, it is your best friend. It is transformable through seasons and versatile enough to be worn to any event! I myself have worn it to lunch with my friends, the beach, at dinner with my husband and local community events. Here a few different ways that you can utilize the Long Black Dress throughout the year.
1)    Floral Fun

Maxi Skirt & Scarf: H&M // Jean Shirt: Forever 21
Here I paired a jean shirt with a black maxi skirt and a fun floral hijab. I would definitely wear this out to brunch with my friends. Maxi skirts can be made casual like above with a jean shirt or a graphic tee and cardigan. For a night look, I would definitely wear a chiffon blouse with a blazer and some heels.

2)   Summer Brights
Maxi Dress/Crop Top/Scarf: Forever 21
This was my staple look this past summer and definitely will be again this coming spring and summer. Here I paired a black maxi with a crop top! Forever 21 had an abundance of them in so many different colors and prints; it was hard not to buy them. This look can be worn this season now with a pastel or sparkle short sweater on top. The best part about this look is, its extremely comfortable!

3)   Vested Abayah
Maxi Dress/Jean Vest/Scarf: Forever 21 // Bag: Zara 
These days I am loving vests! Although above I am wearing a maxi with a long sleeve tee underneath, it can easily be replaced with a black abayah. You can wear all types of vests on top such as a jean vest, leather vest and if you want to really be bold then a fur vest! All black and possibly a cream fur vest with some pop of color accessories would be great for a night out!

4)   Bold Blazer
Maxi: Forever 21 // Blouse, Scarf, Bag: Joyce Leslie // Blazer: H&M
            This last look is the most recent. It may seem as if I am wearing a skirt but I have actually paired this blouse with a black maxi. I added a blazer to give the look some structure.  Blazers, in all colors and prints, can be found in all stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters. Printed blazers and contrast sleeve blazers are really in for Spring 2013 and are a perfect match for a black maxi or abayah.

I hope after this post you invest in your own Long Black dress, whether it’s a maxi dress, a skirt or an abayah. It is my go to piece and maybe now it’ll be yours too! I'll leave you with some more ways I've styled the Long Black Dress :)