Friday, April 26, 2013

Cali Fun + Fashion Fighting Famine 2013

This is definitely long overdue! About a month ago I took an amazing trip to San Diego, California. My family was going on a family vacation and coincidentally went around the same time as the Fashion Fighting Famine Show! Here some of the places I went and all the outfits I wore:

San Diego
This was my favorite city! The views, the weather, the people--absolutely everything was beautiful! There was a certain warm breeze in the air that I've never felt anywhere else. I'm wearing the same outfit in few of the pictures because we just took one day and went to all the scenic views in San Diego all in one day.
Mt. Soledad:

La Jolla Cove:
Balboa Park:

Sunset Cliffs
We ended the day with a beautiful sunset at sunset cliffs! It was a little cloudy but we caught a quick glimpse of it before it set. 

Treasure Island, Laguna Beach:
Right before we went to the airport on our last day, we visited this beautiful beach. This was the most breathtaking beach I have ever been too. It was so clean, the people were so friendly and it was not crowded at all. We even saw a wedding take place on the rocks along with a photo shoot for a girl's Quincenera.

Los Angeles:
We visited LA for a day. It was fun visiting and can definitely take it off my bucket list but don't really plan on going there again. It was pretty crowded, hot and a lot of traffic. Nonetheless, we had a good time. We first went to Universal Studios and also went to go see the Hollywood Sign. 


Fashion Fighting Famine:
Last, but not least. I was so excited to have attended and been a part of Fashion Fighting Famine Show! It was so nice being surrounded by like minded Muslim Women who want to maintain a balance between fashion and faith. I bought a beautiful floral dress from Inayah Boutique which I will be featuring very soon! They had an amazing bazaar with the items from the fashion show and from some other designers as well. All the pieces were modest yet fashionable as well. My favorite was a black jumpsuit by Abayah Addict that had spiked shoulders (It is not on their website but available to email by order!) Check out all the other designer on the Fashion Fighting Famine website and the runway pictures as well! It was lovely meeting Yuna and other fashion/makeup bloggers such as Winnie Detwa, YaztheSpaz, Nura, Hani Hulu and many more! 

                          Photo credit: Hani Hulu

Lastly, my favorite picture of all!
Featuring: Rayan Designers, Yaz the Spaz, Sana Rashid, Winnie Detwa, Owner of Nisaa Boutique, Hani Hulu and some other fabulous girls I met!!

with love,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

5 Staples for Spring!

It may not feel as if spring has begun outside but I'm sure ready for spring fashion! Through, I loved winters layering, dark tones and tall boots, I can't wait to pull out my cute flats, floral prints and soft tones. The other trends I posted may not be for the everyday girl but these five items are must haves for any girl's spring closet! 
1. Parka Jacket
BF Jeans: Target // Floral Scarf: H&M // Parka: Zara
No more looking like an eskimo in those bubble jackets! Cute lightweight parka's are perfect for spring. Earth tones look best such as mine above in beige, or black, army green, navy blue and even brown. I recently purchased mine from Zara (I adore their spring collection!). You could go for a simple one like mine or a trendier one such as a leather sleeved parka. Here are some others you could buy within your budget!

Similar ones for you! Zara   Forever 21   Urban Outfitters   H&M
2. Kicks 
Probably my favorite piece, mainly because its uber comfy! One thing I cant tolerate is a painful shoe. I rarely wear heels and when I do I'm always walking all weird. High-tops are back in now with studs and in leather. If you want to go to the next level, definitely buy a pair of sneaker wedges. Though they have a heel, surprisingly they're bearable to wear! 
Similar ones for you! Forever 21 Aldo Urban Outfitters Aldo 2

Sweater: Forever 21 // Bag: Urban Outfitters // Kicks: Forever 21
3. Everyday Scarf

I love wearing patterned hijabs but sometimes I just like wearing a neutral hijab and throwing a crazy print around my neck. An easy one is to get a leopard or cheetah print. You could also get any other print that has neutral tones such as stripes, florals or polka dots. Mine above is actually an oblong size in which I made it into an infinity style. These are really cute on those bummy days when you don't feel like dressing up. You can definitely throw it on with your parka and blue jeans. Here are some more ways to wear one!
Similar ones for you!  Zara   Forever 21   Urban Outfitters   H&M
Skirt, Tank, Scarf: H&M // Chambray Shirt: Forever 21
4. Oversized Bag
Maxi: Urban Outfitters // Blazer: H&M // Bag: Zara
This is probably a stable for every season but particularly now oversized bags are back, at least for me. I definitely go through phases. Sometimes I like a crossover small bag, sometimes I like the casual satchel but lately I'm into these oversized handbags. The one above was an awesome find from Zara a few months ago for only 50! You want to get something thats wearable on a daily basis. So again a neutral color would be best. The 'Celine' bag trend is now everywhere in all stores. It's definitely a better twist on the traditional shoulder bags we're use to.
Similar ones for you!  Zara   Forever 21   Urban Outfitters   H&M
5. Sunglasses
Sunglasses: Ray Ban's Clubmasters // Infinity Scarf: H&M // Parka: Zara
Lastly, you have to get shades! I barely wore shades before unless I was on the beach and the sun was piercing my eyes. Probably because I never had Ray-Bans! My friend got me a pair for graduation but ended up being too big so my husband stole em. This time I was determined to get another pair. I found these clubmasters (for some reason) on sale on Macy's and convinced the hubby to get em for me :) I've purchased so many cheap ones from forever and h&m but they always end up breaking or just being lost. Since these costs some money, I always make sure to keep them clean and in their case. All Ray-Bans have really nice sunglasses for everyones different face shapes. Aviators are always a classic pic but for this season cat-eye is the new trend. I would say take a trip to Macy's and just try some on!

with love,