Monday, October 27, 2014


Top: Turban Outfitters // Shoes: Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit // Coat: Boohoo
If you know my style, you know I LOVE long items of clothing. So when these duster coats started to trend, I jumped on this real quick! I love them for this fall and winter especially because they are so easy to wear and these coats are actually warm. The best fashion is the functional type! When I started to search for long coats, I couldn't find anything less then 100! After finally some research I found some nice, cheaper ones on They shipped really quickly and are pretty good quality!

Secondly, this sneaker trend is another favorite. Again, functional fashion. I was going to buy the Roche Runs that many have but then I discovered those sneakers are not really meant for working out. I wanted to get a pair of sneakers that I actually could wear to the gym but still sport as fashion. I immediately fell in love with these Nike Fly Knits as soon as I tried them on. I feel like I'm just wearing socks. Although these were hefty on my wallet, I decided to invest in them since I haven't bought a pair in 5 years.

I paired my coat and kicks with this awesome Turban Outfitters tee that says "Freedom isn't Free". They have powerful shirts that are fashionable and send a positive message. I'll be posting some more looks with more of their shirts so keep a lookout! 

Bag: Michael Kors // Coat: Boohoo // Shoes: Nike Fly Knits 4.0
 I've always been a tomboy at heart and so happy I can bring some of that back. hope you can too :)
here are some of my favorite inspirations  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

5 Fall Somethings

 My favorite season is HERE! This is when you'll see the most posts and ootd's from me! I absolutely love this season. The weather, the breeze in the air, the colors, festivals and everything that comes with it. I probably love it so much because of my birthday! I did it pretty simple this year by spending it with my closest family and friends and it probably was the best one yet :)

The best thing about Fall is that every year many of the same colors and trends come back from the previous year with some add on's. Many of my clothes from last Fall are being used again this year! So on that note, here are 5 somethings to get for this season, some old and some new.

1. Something White 
Leather Pants: H&M // Dress: Joyce Leslie // Scarf: Forever 21 // Bag: Aldo // Shoes: Zara
Something white is definitely needed for this fall. I know what they say about white after labor day but...oh well! I love a simple all white or black and white look. It screams classy and minimalist and you can probably put it all together from your closet now! I got this white dress from Joyce Leslie...yes I am surprised just as much as you. Every once in a while you can find some hidden gems in this store. 

2. Something Oversized
Something oversized is definitely an old trend that keeps coming back for Fall and Winter. I love oversized capes and ponchos especially cause their so comfy and keep you warm in this chilly weather. You can find similar capes and ponchos really anywhere at Forever, H&M, Urban and Zara. They go perfectly with tights and cute loafers!
3. Something Pastel
Palestine Shirt: Turban Outfitters // Chambray: H&M // Scarf: Forever 21
Something pastel is definitely a new trend for the Fall. Although the usual jewel and fall tones are in this season, pastel colors are some fresh colors. They usually make an appearance during winter, but came a little early this season. I know I'm not complaining! I bought a light pink jacket, along with some pastel colored scarves! I was hesitant on some light hijab colors but I love the softness it brings.
                      Leather Jacket: Forever 21                                                                    Scarf: Forever 21

4. Something Sporty
Something sporty is street style that has finally made its way to the runway. Sweats, track pants and shirts are all appropriate for any occasion and can be dressed down or up. Also can be found for pretty cheap Forever 21 and other stores. 
5. Something Ultra-Long
Cardigan: My mom // Pants: Cotton on // Shoes: Call it Spring // Scarf: Forever 21
Something ultra-long is a Hijabi's favorite trend. Long dresses, cardigans, jackets are all in for this season. I have many long cardigans, dusters, shirts and open dresses, but I have my eye on a long duster coat. Their so classy and add style to a simple tee and jeans. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eid Inspiration // Last Minute Looks

So for my last minute friends, I decided to put a post together that would help you come up with an outfit if you haven't had time in Ramadan. You can easily put some cute looks together with items already in your closet!! I wasn't able to shoot a new outfit for you but here are some of my previous outfits that are so perfect for Eid!!

1) Statement Look

This is definitely a easy last minute look to put together. I actually am wearing something similar to this but instead with palazzo pants. If your desi, you know these kurtas are the best and all you need is a statement necklace. Forever 21, H&M and Zara have some really cute ones that you can buy even today. For my non desi folk, forever and zara have some similar long shirts. Also if you have those famous long sleeve dresses from Forever last year, this would be a perfect time to wear them!!

Statement Necklace: H&M, Zara

2) Black and White Ensemble 

If you really aren't a color person and want it keep it neutral, then this is the look for you! I know you have a black skirt in your closet and a white top. You can pair it with any color hijab of your choice and a statement clutch to go. With this look, wear some cute shoes and bright lipstick and it'll really make the outfit pop for Eid :)
Similar skirt
Similar shirt: Forever 

3) Summer Lace

Here's a an easy outfit for my casual laid back folks. I know we've collected some colorful skirts over the years. Pair it with a fun lace top and a tan belt. The key to this outfit is to accessorize: watch, rings, the belt and lastly the bag. The bag really makes this look pop. Although my family goes all out for Eid, most people like to keep it simple. If so, this is perfect for you! 
Similar skirt
Similar:  Forever and H&M 

hope you enjoyed and hope it helped! 
Eid Mubarak :)

with love,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eid Inspiration // Look 2

Tulle Skirt: Delicate Hijabi's // Dress Shirt: H&M // Scarf: H&M 
Here is my second look for Eid. I have been on the hunt for a tulle skirt for a few months now. I found a bunch but none were actually in my price range. I finally found the perfect one at ICNA this year from a small muslim store called Delicate Hijabi's. They had this tulle skirt in so many different colors. I fell in love with this white one! The best thing is they will mail it to you in 1-3 days so you can get it in time for Eid!! They have tulle skirts, some other beautiful skirts, dresses and palazzo pants.

I decided to pair the skirt with a casual floral top and black hijab. Lastly, I added a dainty headpiece. This outfit is especially perfect for the day time during Eid. If I didn't have to wear desi clothes, I would without a doubt wear this for Eid :)
Good luck Eid shopping, I'll have one last look this weekend for you guys!

with love,

Friday, July 18, 2014

Eid Inspiration // Look 1

Palazzos: Zara // Top & Belt: Windsor // Scarf: H&M

I cannot believe that Eid is NEXT week! SubhanAllah this Ramadan flew by. Been a pretty tough one for me but alhamdulilah I'm home this and next weekend and totally loving it! So I decided instead of compiling so many looks for one post, I give you Eid inspirations one by one. So here is my first look for Eid and probably my favorite. By now, you should have a pair of palazzo pants in your closet. If you dont, get them now! Many stores have them but my favorites are of course at zara. They are reasonable priced and of pretty good quality. I been wanting to do a peplum with skirt/palazzo pants look and finally got the change to do it. But I didn't want it to look out of shape so I added a gold plated belt to give it some structure.

Since this outfit is simple, try adding a headpiece to give it some pizzazz for Eid. I love headpieces and think they look so royal. It adds so much to a simpler look. You can wear it inside or on top of your hijab, whatever suits you best. For makeup, I went for a smokey eye and nude/pink lips. 

Hope you enjoyed the first look. InshAllah I'll be doing two more before the end of Ramadan. May Allah accept all our fasts and help us take advantage of the immense baraqah! 
with love,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Minimalist Apartment: The Bedroom

String Lights: Target // Headboard: DIY // Lamp: IKEA
I'm so excited to share with you how I decorated my apartment. As much as I love styling outfits, I get the same excitement with styling my apartment. So for this series, the first part will be my bedroom. 

Make it personal. It's all about adding a personal touch. I always dreamt of a wooden plank headboard. However, I wanted a specific color which was really hard to find. The ones I did find weren't cheaper then 1000 bucks! That was something we could not afford. So instead, I did a little research and figured out it actually wasn't too hard to build your own headboard. My amazing husband and his friend helped make my dream come true! He bought 6, 7 feet plain wood planks from Lowe's . He first stained it with Wood Stain in Kona by Rust Oleum and let it dry for a few days. I wanted a vintage distressed look. He then painted it white flat paint by Valspar but quickly rubbed it in with a rag to give it a layered effect. Here is the video we used for inspiration. He did that a few times cause I wanted it to be more gray tone then that Kona brown color. After a few days he sprayed it with Polyurethane in satin by Rust Oleum just to seal it all up. I clearly do not know much about painting but this was a super easy project. He then put all the planks together with a frame in the back. This is the part where I really knew nothing about! We then got a Iron bed frame from Macys in gray which put it all together. So instead of $1000, we made this bed for a total of $349 (70 for headboard + 279 for frame). And I absolutely LOVE it. 

Mirror, Lamps, Night-stands, Curtain Rods : IKEA // Curtains: Shoppers World
The Mirror. A huge mirror can do wonders in a small room. My room is fairly small so we kept the furniture to a minimum. However, a key tip to make a room look bigger is a huge mirror. This was on the pricier end but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it at Ikea for $129!

Dresser: IKEA // Nightstands: IKEA

Simplicity. I wanted the headboard to be my focus so I kept all the other furniture simple. I chose white because just like the mirror it makes a room look more open and spacious. Since my husband and I were on a tight budget, we opted to get most of our furniture from Ikea. It was cheap but functional as well. 

Headboard: DIY // Lamps, Nighstands: IKEA // Throw: Shoppers World
Decor.  This definitely is still a work in progress. For now I've added a few things. Most of the room is whites and grays and I wanted to add some color. I chose shades of purple and pink. It's definitely difficult especially when married to keep it neutral and not to girly. I added a purple pillow and a dusty pink throw. This plush throw I bought from Shoppers World (more of a local store) for only $5! I plan to get some more pillows and decor frames since the walls are a little barren right now. Lastly, I got these super cute string lights from Target just to add some pizzaz! My husband wasn't the biggest fan, but he grew to like them ;) Lastly, I chose white curtains to ensure sunlight into the room. You can't see it but we have those paper blinds behind them so you can't see from the outside.

That concludes my bedroom! InshAllah stay tuned for my Kitchen/Dining Room, Living Room and my favorite, the Balcony!

with love,
sania <3

Monday, June 30, 2014

Ramadan Ready: The Black Abaya

Ramadan Mubarak!! I know I have been absent for quite some time but inshAllah I am back with more frequent and consistent posts! After graduation it became really hectic with my licensing exam and moving from New Jersey to Connecticut. Yes, we have officially moved! A huge change, that is a little tough on me but inshAllah with time it will get better. So for Ramadan, it is definitely difficult to come up with different ideas every year since really its all about wearing dresses and skirts. So this year I decided I would style my favorite black abayah from my favorite abayah store, BulBul Clothing! This store has abayahs in arrays of colors, prints and designs. It also has many different hijabs in really any color you like. The prints are also beautiful but not too busy! If you're ever in the New Jersey area you have to check this chic abayah store!

During Ramadan, I always want to be comfortable yet be presentable! It is such a joyous month in which you see your family and friends almost everyday. Even though we're rushing out of the house after Iftar, it doesn't mean we have to throw on that home black abayah and just go to taraweeh. This does not meet to get glammed up but since we are going to the house of Allah, it is important to present a clean and fresh look and not smell like what you just ate! So this post is for those that really have no time to put a snazzy outfit together and can utilize a black or any plain color abayah for that matter but still look presentable! Here are 3 ways in which I styled my amazing BulBul black abayah!

1. Floral Fun
Black Abayah: BulBul // Floral Cardi: Zara // Belt: H&M // Scarf: Forever 21
The first look is the most versatile and can be worn to many events especially in Ramadan. It's comfortable enough for Tarawih but also cute enough an Iftar party. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet lately!
2. Kasual Kufayya
Chambray Shirt: Forever 21 // Scarf: Interhijab // Scarf: Forever 21
This is more of a laid back look probably better for a casual shindig! I love this kufayya that was sent to me by Inter Hijab! Keep a look out for their hijabs and I'll be reviewing many more in the upcomin weeks!! Another favorite part about this abayah is that it has pockets! Anything with pockets is my absolutely favorite :)
3. The Statement

Scarf: Zara // Shoes: ICNA // Neclace: Zara // Bracelet: Call it Spring

This last look is definitely more of a fancier get up that I wore to an Iftar party just this past weekend! I got some compliments on it and decided to dress it up with some fancy pieces like these gorgeous sandals and this statement zara necklace! 

hope enjoyed and have a blessed Ramadan :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What to Wear: Graduation Edition

As Hijab's we've become pretty snazzy at 'hijabifying' fashion trends and styles. Whether it is dressing up for going out, work, school, parties and even our own weddings, I have to say we've made it work. But there is one event, that I still find difficult today... GRADUATION! Alhamdulilah I am graduating in less then 2 weeks with my Masters and even though it is my 3rd graduation ceremony, it is still so difficult to come up with an outfit! It's just honestly so hard to work with that cap and gown. Usually I get inspiration from runways and celebrities since modesty is in lately but with graduation everyone just wears a short dress or skirt. Anyways as I struggle to make my own outfit, I am going to try to help everyone else too. There are many ways of doing this but these are the following tips that I think will help us look our best!

Tip # 1: Pick a Neutral Hijab Color
First thing first, Hijab! When choosing your outfit first look at the color of your gown. If you have black (like me) consider yourself super lucky. We all love black and it gives you a lot more options with your outfit if you have a black gown. If you don't, it's okay! We'll make it work. Anyways, for hijab I suggest choosing a neutral color such as black, white, nude or taupe. If you have a colored gown, I would say go with black! Some subtle floral prints may work, but the safe choice is definitely black. If you do have black like me, you can definitely take more risks with different colored hijabs but still keep it simple. I made the mistake of wearing a red hijab on my golden gown in high school...and let's just say my nickname was McDonald for a while!

Tip # 2: Don't Volumize your Hijab
I know we all love this trend, believe me I do too. But graduation is not the place to do it. The hat is already difficult as it is to wear and it just does not look good with a huge bun. I usually wear a volumizer scrunchie but definitely wont be for graduation. When putting on the cap on your hijab, make sure the front of it isn't resting on your forehead but more tilted back. I also suggest wearing an underpiece so your hijab is not constantly moving around. And lastly, utilize those hijab straight pins to keep your hat in place!

Tip # 3: Simplicity over Flash
Keep it simple! The key to a graduation outfit is simplicity. This isn't a wedding or your actual graduation party. It is a semi formal event to celebrate your degree! Also, remember you'll have your gown on most of the time anyway. I would say stick with light colors like pastels, neutrals and simple prints like florals and stripes. Also when picking an outfit, keep the hijab tips in mind. Although an outfit may look cute with a red hijab but it definitely won't if your gown is some funky color. Keep your hijab in mind! If you do decide to go with a floral hijab, make sure the outfit consists of only neutrals. Don't have too much going on. The gown sometimes has many colors on it and you'll just end up looking like a rainbow.

Tip # 4: Dress Light
Make sure to dress light. Don't wear too many layers. I would suggest just wearing one underneath. I know we love cardigans and blazers and all but for your top get a full sleeves blouse, shirt or dress. Even if it is inside, it can get pretty hot in these gowns. For bottoms, I would suggest skinny's or loose pants. The gown already is a lot of fabric and you don't want a dress or skirt making it more complicated. Whenever I wear a dress or skirt, I always trip going up the stairs. That is something you want to AVOID during graduation. So dress light with minimal fabric as possible.

Tip # 5: Wear Comfortable Shoes
Do NOT wear super high heels. I know heels look better so as an alternative I suggest wedges or short heels so you are comfortable but still look cute. My absolute fear is tripping while walking to or up to the stage while getting my degree. I'm clumsy as it is, I don't need something else making me trip. If your graduation is outside make sure to wear wedges, platform heels or even flats. Otherwise you'll constantly be getting stuck in the grass!

Here are some outfit inspirations from myself and others :)
Look 1

Pants: Forever 21 // Top: Forever 21 // Sandals: Forever 21 // Necklace: H&M
Look 2
Dress: Dor L' Dor // Necklace: Forever 21 // Scarf: Ebay
Look 3
Pants: H&M // Sweater&Shoes: Forever 21 // Scarf&Necklace: Zara // Bag: Aldo

I hope that helps. I'm still trying to decide what I want to wear but will be a combination of the above picture. If you have other requests for what to wear at a specific event, comment below!
with love,
sania :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Make a Statement.

Harem Pants&Shoes&Shirt: Forever 21 // Bag&Leather Cardi: Zara // Necklace Turkey (Ebay) 
So lately my new obsession is...a statement necklace! I was really into rings and I still am but lately I'm love these necklaces. They add so much flavor to an outfit especially ones that are so simple. In this outfit above, I really just wore black and white with neutrals, which was super simple but this necklace made it look so much more unique. This type of necklace is everywhere! I got it from ebay that came directly from Turkey. A smaller version is also available at Forever 21 and a similar one at Urban Outfitters. The key is keeping everything else relatively simple so the necklace can really make a statement. If there is too much going on, it won't look put together. I wore this to a day in the city which included a meet and greet with bloggers from all over the world: Dina Tokio, Imane from Fashion with Faith, Basma K., and Ruba from Hijab Hills. It was lovely meeting some new sisters and reuniting with some old ones! mashAllah all of them were so down to earth and so sweet! :) Here are some more pics of my outfit and the meet and greet!

Me and Yusra with Dina :)

Sobia & Sufia with Imane!

Forever has an AMAZING collection of statement necklaces this season. I definitely would check them out before everything runs out! H&M and Zara also have some nice ones just a little more expensive but still beautiful!!

with love,
sania <3