Kimono Fever

Kimono: Joyce Leslie // Jeans: Zara // Blouse & Shoes: Forever 21 // Bag: H&M

Yesssss! Spring is finally around the least I hope so! I among many others just want this cold weather to go away. This week will be a tease with some good weather but with some snow too. Anyways, spring is my second favorite season after fall. Florals, pastels, and flow skirts are just a few of the themes. Kimonos have been around for a while but I couldn't really get myself to like certain prints or really wear them. Recently, chiffon flowy ones have come out and I am in love! I have to say I'm pretty picky on floral prints and I finally found one I liked and that I could afford. I found this sweet chiffon floral kimono from joyce leslie (I know shocker). Some of you are thinking, what in the world is that? It's definitely a cheap store...but you can find some gems in there if you look! I loved some at urban but were way out my price range for just a short trend. I'm so happy I waited until I found this. I also love florals in the spring and summer but realized I can't wear floral pants, they just don't suit me. So I love that I can wear floral print as a kimono and even as a dress. I paired it with some casual  blue jeans from Zara which I REALLY recommend. The comfiest jeans, well jeggings ever! I've just given up on buying jeans cause either they don't fit or they're not comfy or too long. I'm definitely getting some more of these from there. Here are some more details of my Kimono.

Some more Floral Kimono's!

hope you enjoyed!

with love,



  1. Love the kimono, great post! xx

  2. When did you buy the white shirt from forever21? Recently? Is it a tunic?

    1. Unfortunately it was last year. But I've seen some recently too! It's actually a blouse :)


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