Make a Statement.

Harem Pants&Shoes&Shirt: Forever 21 // Bag&Leather Cardi: Zara // Necklace Turkey (Ebay) 
So lately my new obsession is...a statement necklace! I was really into rings and I still am but lately I'm love these necklaces. They add so much flavor to an outfit especially ones that are so simple. In this outfit above, I really just wore black and white with neutrals, which was super simple but this necklace made it look so much more unique. This type of necklace is everywhere! I got it from ebay that came directly from Turkey. A smaller version is also available at Forever 21 and a similar one at Urban Outfitters. The key is keeping everything else relatively simple so the necklace can really make a statement. If there is too much going on, it won't look put together. I wore this to a day in the city which included a meet and greet with bloggers from all over the world: Dina Tokio, Imane from Fashion with Faith, Basma K., and Ruba from Hijab Hills. It was lovely meeting some new sisters and reuniting with some old ones! mashAllah all of them were so down to earth and so sweet! :) Here are some more pics of my outfit and the meet and greet!

Me and Yusra with Dina :)

Sobia & Sufia with Imane!

Forever has an AMAZING collection of statement necklaces this season. I definitely would check them out before everything runs out! H&M and Zara also have some nice ones just a little more expensive but still beautiful!!

with love,
sania <3


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