maxis&skirts in the winter?

skirt: h&m // fur vest: cotton on // bag: zara // shoes&necklace: call it spring 
It is definitely not easy wearing skirts and maxi's in the winter. Although, I personally love wearing maxis and skirts vs. pants, it is not my preference during the snow and rain. If you're near me on the east coast, you're definitely just wearing boots and sweats as much as possible. But on the days where its not wet and nasty, I love to pull out maxi's and skirts. And yes, surprisingly, you can stay really warm! The key, as I always say, is layering. It's not just about bulking different articles of clothing, but the right kinds of layers. Whenever I wear skirts or maxis, I not only wear tights underneath but I wear the tights with fleece lining--those are super warm! I also, depending on how cold it is, wear leg warmers. I use to sometimes feel shy of wearing boots with maxi's but in this winter I definitely don't anymore. On top I always try to wear 2-3 layers to keep me warm. Under my hijab, I'm wearing this ninja cap I purchased from ebay, inspired by Dina Tokio's! It's definitely better than a regular under piece since it doesn't slip, covers the neck and keeps my ears super warm! 

Look 1: Rustic Tribal
If you follow my Facebook page Simply Covered, I posted in my Fabulous Finds this perfect pocketed maxi skirt from H&M. It comes in a few colors and its only $17.95! I already have it in a few colors and had to add this rustic beauty to my collection. This look is probably the easiest. The fur vest adds drama to this simple skirt and long tee. I added a plain tribal necklace for some print. 

Look 2: Cozy Damask 
Skirt: Urban Outfitters // Shirt&Cardi&Scarf: Forever 21 // Fur Collar: H&M

I love adding a slouchy casual sweater on a fancy skirt. This look is super comfy and can be worn anywhere. The fur vest adds some character to this simple look. This hijab is my latest favorite. I was looking for this print everywhere and finally found it at forever! It goes with almost anything. 

Look 3: Royals
Jeans: Zara // Maxi Dress: H&M // Shoes: Forever 21 // Necklace: Ebay
For the last look, I wanted to show a dressed up take on maxis during the winter. I got this perfect maxi from H&M a month ago and could not wait to wear it. I wore these zara jeggings that are so comfortable underneath since the dress had a slit in the front. Since I wore a statement necklace I kept everything else pretty simple. I got it from my secret store...ebay!! You will not believe the amazing things that I find on there. My new favorite lip is this coral-orangy color I made mixing a few different shades. Obviously, I cannot wait for spring!

here are some previous #ootds that are super easy to wear in the winter as well:

hope you enjoyed!
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  1. salaam sania! love the gold bib statement necklace youre wearing in the "royals" look. What name should i search for on ebay for the necklace? thanks!

  2. also, where in NJ are you located? I just moved to cherry hill from philly! so great to see muslim fashionistas from the US! you look fab, mashallah! hope to see you around!


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