Ramadan Ready: The Black Abaya

Ramadan Mubarak!! I know I have been absent for quite some time but inshAllah I am back with more frequent and consistent posts! After graduation it became really hectic with my licensing exam and moving from New Jersey to Connecticut. Yes, we have officially moved! A huge change, that is a little tough on me but inshAllah with time it will get better. So for Ramadan, it is definitely difficult to come up with different ideas every year since really its all about wearing dresses and skirts. So this year I decided I would style my favorite black abayah from my favorite abayah store, BulBul Clothing! This store has abayahs in arrays of colors, prints and designs. It also has many different hijabs in really any color you like. The prints are also beautiful but not too busy! If you're ever in the New Jersey area you have to check this chic abayah store!

During Ramadan, I always want to be comfortable yet be presentable! It is such a joyous month in which you see your family and friends almost everyday. Even though we're rushing out of the house after Iftar, it doesn't mean we have to throw on that home black abayah and just go to taraweeh. This does not meet to get glammed up but since we are going to the house of Allah, it is important to present a clean and fresh look and not smell like what you just ate! So this post is for those that really have no time to put a snazzy outfit together and can utilize a black or any plain color abayah for that matter but still look presentable! Here are 3 ways in which I styled my amazing BulBul black abayah!

1. Floral Fun
Black Abayah: BulBul // Floral Cardi: Zara // Belt: H&M // Scarf: Forever 21
The first look is the most versatile and can be worn to many events especially in Ramadan. It's comfortable enough for Tarawih but also cute enough an Iftar party. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet lately!
2. Kasual Kufayya
Chambray Shirt: Forever 21 // Scarf: Interhijab // Scarf: Forever 21
This is more of a laid back look probably better for a casual shindig! I love this kufayya that was sent to me by Inter Hijab! Keep a look out for their hijabs and I'll be reviewing many more in the upcomin weeks!! Another favorite part about this abayah is that it has pockets! Anything with pockets is my absolutely favorite :)
3. The Statement

Scarf: Zara // Shoes: ICNA // Neclace: Zara // Bracelet: Call it Spring

This last look is definitely more of a fancier get up that I wore to an Iftar party just this past weekend! I got some compliments on it and decided to dress it up with some fancy pieces like these gorgeous sandals and this statement zara necklace! 

hope enjoyed and have a blessed Ramadan :)


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