My Minimalist Apartment: The Bedroom

String Lights: Target // Headboard: DIY // Lamp: IKEA
I'm so excited to share with you how I decorated my apartment. As much as I love styling outfits, I get the same excitement with styling my apartment. So for this series, the first part will be my bedroom. 

Make it personal. It's all about adding a personal touch. I always dreamt of a wooden plank headboard. However, I wanted a specific color which was really hard to find. The ones I did find weren't cheaper then 1000 bucks! That was something we could not afford. So instead, I did a little research and figured out it actually wasn't too hard to build your own headboard. My amazing husband and his friend helped make my dream come true! He bought 6, 7 feet plain wood planks from Lowe's . He first stained it with Wood Stain in Kona by Rust Oleum and let it dry for a few days. I wanted a vintage distressed look. He then painted it white flat paint by Valspar but quickly rubbed it in with a rag to give it a layered effect. Here is the video we used for inspiration. He did that a few times cause I wanted it to be more gray tone then that Kona brown color. After a few days he sprayed it with Polyurethane in satin by Rust Oleum just to seal it all up. I clearly do not know much about painting but this was a super easy project. He then put all the planks together with a frame in the back. This is the part where I really knew nothing about! We then got a Iron bed frame from Macys in gray which put it all together. So instead of $1000, we made this bed for a total of $349 (70 for headboard + 279 for frame). And I absolutely LOVE it. 

Mirror, Lamps, Night-stands, Curtain Rods : IKEA // Curtains: Shoppers World
The Mirror. A huge mirror can do wonders in a small room. My room is fairly small so we kept the furniture to a minimum. However, a key tip to make a room look bigger is a huge mirror. This was on the pricier end but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it at Ikea for $129!

Dresser: IKEA // Nightstands: IKEA

Simplicity. I wanted the headboard to be my focus so I kept all the other furniture simple. I chose white because just like the mirror it makes a room look more open and spacious. Since my husband and I were on a tight budget, we opted to get most of our furniture from Ikea. It was cheap but functional as well. 

Headboard: DIY // Lamps, Nighstands: IKEA // Throw: Shoppers World
Decor.  This definitely is still a work in progress. For now I've added a few things. Most of the room is whites and grays and I wanted to add some color. I chose shades of purple and pink. It's definitely difficult especially when married to keep it neutral and not to girly. I added a purple pillow and a dusty pink throw. This plush throw I bought from Shoppers World (more of a local store) for only $5! I plan to get some more pillows and decor frames since the walls are a little barren right now. Lastly, I got these super cute string lights from Target just to add some pizzaz! My husband wasn't the biggest fan, but he grew to like them ;) Lastly, I chose white curtains to ensure sunlight into the room. You can't see it but we have those paper blinds behind them so you can't see from the outside.

That concludes my bedroom! InshAllah stay tuned for my Kitchen/Dining Room, Living Room and my favorite, the Balcony!

with love,
sania <3


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