5 Fall Somethings

 My favorite season is HERE! This is when you'll see the most posts and ootd's from me! I absolutely love this season. The weather, the breeze in the air, the colors, festivals and everything that comes with it. I probably love it so much because of my birthday! I did it pretty simple this year by spending it with my closest family and friends and it probably was the best one yet :)

The best thing about Fall is that every year many of the same colors and trends come back from the previous year with some add on's. Many of my clothes from last Fall are being used again this year! So on that note, here are 5 somethings to get for this season, some old and some new.

1. Something White 
Leather Pants: H&M // Dress: Joyce Leslie // Scarf: Forever 21 // Bag: Aldo // Shoes: Zara
Something white is definitely needed for this fall. I know what they say about white after labor day but...oh well! I love a simple all white or black and white look. It screams classy and minimalist and you can probably put it all together from your closet now! I got this white dress from Joyce Leslie...yes I am surprised just as much as you. Every once in a while you can find some hidden gems in this store. 

2. Something Oversized
Something oversized is definitely an old trend that keeps coming back for Fall and Winter. I love oversized capes and ponchos especially cause their so comfy and keep you warm in this chilly weather. You can find similar capes and ponchos really anywhere at Forever, H&M, Urban and Zara. They go perfectly with tights and cute loafers!
3. Something Pastel
Palestine Shirt: Turban Outfitters // Chambray: H&M // Scarf: Forever 21
Something pastel is definitely a new trend for the Fall. Although the usual jewel and fall tones are in this season, pastel colors are some fresh colors. They usually make an appearance during winter, but came a little early this season. I know I'm not complaining! I bought a light pink jacket, along with some pastel colored scarves! I was hesitant on some light hijab colors but I love the softness it brings.
                      Leather Jacket: Forever 21                                                                    Scarf: Forever 21

4. Something Sporty
Something sporty is street style that has finally made its way to the runway. Sweats, track pants and shirts are all appropriate for any occasion and can be dressed down or up. Also can be found for pretty cheap Forever 21 and other stores. 
5. Something Ultra-Long
Cardigan: My mom // Pants: Cotton on // Shoes: Call it Spring // Scarf: Forever 21
Something ultra-long is a Hijabi's favorite trend. Long dresses, cardigans, jackets are all in for this season. I have many long cardigans, dusters, shirts and open dresses, but I have my eye on a long duster coat. Their so classy and add style to a simple tee and jeans. 


  1. Love this list! Fall is my favorite season too. So many clothing options for hijabis.

  2. salam kenal...
    ternyata untuk pampil cantik dengan menutup aurat banyak pilihannya ya...
    dan kalau untuk kaos kaki muslimah yang bagus seperti apa ya...


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