Top: Turban Outfitters // Shoes: Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit // Coat: Boohoo
If you know my style, you know I LOVE long items of clothing. So when these duster coats started to trend, I jumped on this real quick! I love them for this fall and winter especially because they are so easy to wear and these coats are actually warm. The best fashion is the functional type! When I started to search for long coats, I couldn't find anything less then 100! After finally some research I found some nice, cheaper ones on They shipped really quickly and are pretty good quality!

Secondly, this sneaker trend is another favorite. Again, functional fashion. I was going to buy the Roche Runs that many have but then I discovered those sneakers are not really meant for working out. I wanted to get a pair of sneakers that I actually could wear to the gym but still sport as fashion. I immediately fell in love with these Nike Fly Knits as soon as I tried them on. I feel like I'm just wearing socks. Although these were hefty on my wallet, I decided to invest in them since I haven't bought a pair in 5 years.

I paired my coat and kicks with this awesome Turban Outfitters tee that says "Freedom isn't Free". They have powerful shirts that are fashionable and send a positive message. I'll be posting some more looks with more of their shirts so keep a lookout! 

Bag: Michael Kors // Coat: Boohoo // Shoes: Nike Fly Knits 4.0
 I've always been a tomboy at heart and so happy I can bring some of that back. hope you can too :)
here are some of my favorite inspirations  


  1. such a cute outfit! and i love functional fashion too! :)

  2. I was wondering where you get your inspiration from?


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