Jumpsuit 101: 3 Styles with Hijab

I have been wanting to do this post for the LONGEST time. I've had it saved but never had a chance to actually style a jumpsuit for you all. So finally here it is. I've found a few long sleeved jumpsuits but these sleeveless ones are easier to find. Here are three looks suitable for everyones style :)
 Fur Lovin'
Jumpsuit: Forever 21 // Fur Jacket: Joyce Leslie // Boots & Scarf: Forever 21 
Even though spring fashion has it the stores, it's still freaking freezing here! I grabbed this fur jacket on sale from Joyce and its perfect to add a little sass on any outfit. Best part, it is pretty warm too. This look is good for day or night time.

Leather Crop
Jumpsuit: Forever 21 // Crop Top: Joyce Leslie // Necklace: Walmart
Crop tops are perfect for jumpsuits. You don't have to worry about any skin showing. I like this long as it gives an illusion of long legs, definitely something I don't have resulting in making short people like myself look tall! I paired it with a rhinestone necklace for some pizzazz. This is definitely perfect for a night out. 

Ethnic Fusion
Jumpsuit: Forever 21 // Cardi: Pakistan // Shoes: H&M

Lastly, I styled it with this damask cardi I got made in Pakistan. What I love about jumpsuits is that they are also in pakistani fashion. It's fun to mix and match wardrobe from different cultures. Also, it's easy on the wallet too. 


hope you enjoyed,
look out for next post on spring trends

with love
sania <3


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