5 Spring Somethings

Jeans & Shoes: Zara // Coat: Forever 21 // Bag: Steve Madden @ TJ maxx 
I know it may not seem like spring these days but apparently it is here. This is definitely one of the longest winters, but alhamdulilah it is slowly getting warmer. In the honor of first week of spring, I picked five spring trends from the runway that are wearable everyday and super easy to find in stores. 

Pastel Coat

Pastels are the perfect transition from winter to spring. My favorite pastel is this beautiful pink. I found this adorable light jacket from Forever 21 on sale! Pastels usually look good with neutrals such black, white, taupe, beige and sometimes jeans. Here are some similar:

Suede Piece
Suede jacket: H&M // Dress: Joyce Leslie // Lilac scarf: TJ maxx // Boots: Cotton On

I love me some suede especially in this western tan color. This is new for this season after many years but was everywhere on the runway and now in stores. My next purchase is definitely one of these suede vests:D

Fringe Top
pair this with black skinnies or boyfriend jeans

If you haven't already figured out, this spring has a lot of 70s and Hippie culture influence. This trend, I feel, is a little tricky. Not all types of fringe look good and can sometimes look costume-y. You don't want to have too much fringe. There should be more of the top then the actual length of the fringe, like the one above. Here are some of my favorites.

 Gingham Pants

Diane von Furstenberg via tomandlorenzo.com
I loveeeee this print! Mainly because its black and white and goes with really anything! This print can be worn as a blouse but I love it in pants. I saw a beautiful pair at Urban the other day that I might just have to go back and get. Here are some different ones. 

 A Pop of Yellow
Sweater dress: Zara // Jeans: Forever 21 // Shoes: H&M // Clutch: Thrift
Last but not least, you can't have spring without some sunny yellow. I personally do not like yellow as a hijab but I do like it in my accessories. If you're like me and do not like so much color, then a pop of it like with this clutch is perfect!


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