Sunday, April 19, 2015

Balcony on a Budget

One of the main features I always wanted in my first place was a balcony! My Pakistani side always dreamt of having chai in the evening on a balcony after work, enjoying the cool breeze. So when we moved in this apartment, I knew I would love this project! I've actually done this a few months ago but since it became so cold it was never used. I finally have begun to enjoy it since the weather has been so nice. Here is my beautiful balcony! 

1. Seating
Bench Fabric: Joanne Fabric // Pillows: Walmart // Lights & Blanket: IKEA // Rug: Overstock //
Building Materials: Home Depot
I definitely made this balcony on a budget. I could of bought ready made benches but there be no creativity in that! For the base I used cinder blocks with holes in them and simple placed them on top of one another. I then go 3 pieces of 6 ft by 4 in by 4 in wood and simply placed them through the holes in the cinder blocks to keep them in place. I of course painted the blocks black and the pieces of wood a dark cognac. For the actual seat, it was pretty simple! This is definitely for those of us who don't have fancy tools or know how to sow. I got planks of wood and layered it with batting and foam and lastly the fabric of my choice. I simple crazy glued the fabric onto the back of the wood and viola! You have your bench seat.  


2. Furniture
Coffee Table: IKEA ($9.99)
There was not much other furniture needed as it is a small balcony. I know this coffee table isn't meant to be for outdoors but come on it was 10 bucks! So far it's survived rain and snow! 

3. Decor
Tea Cups: Anthropologie // Mat: TJ maxx // Plant, Tray, Candles: IKEA
Now the fun part! Actually decorating. Most of my apartment is very simple and minimalist as I do not like too much going on. I am starting to add some more prints and color though. So I wanted my balcony to be colorful and vibrant. I decided to get a carpet that would be the central focus for the balcony. Whenever you decorate a room, you always start off with one item that is the focus and then decorate around it. The pillows I got from Walmart and chose colors that brought out the teal in the carpet and one of the benches. Lastly for lighting, I wanted it to be magical so I draped lighting from a hook on the ceiling. Surprisingly, it provides a good amount of light at night. 

4. All of it together!

And that is the whole look together! I definitely enjoyed putting this together. I hope this gives some inspiration to you too :)