Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday Outfit Inspiration: Maternity Edition

1. Cozy Shawls
Maternity Chambray Top: Target // Cape Shawl: Forever 21 // Shoes: Call it Spring // Pants: Zara
Shawls and capes are not just for moms anymore. This is perfect for those who want a laid back look and stay cozy at the same time. Under your shawl, you can even dress it up if your staying indoors or just keep it comfy with a cute top and tights :) For a big bump, if you do wear a big shawl, balance the bottom out with something more fitting so you don't end up looking like your wearing a sack!

Dress: Joyce Leslie // Shawl: Random Boutique // Shoes: Forever 21

2. Dress to Impress
Top: H&M // Leather Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Fur Vest & Shoes: Forever 21 // Bag: Zara
Now sometimes its fun to dress up, but definitely can be hard in maternity. Try to stick with simple silhouettes or stuff that makes you longer like above with the fur vest or below with a straight dress. Dress it up some statement jewelry and you're ready to go!

Abayas: Inayah // Necklace: Zara // Shoes: Forever
Sweater: H&M // Suede Vest: Forever 21 // Shoes: TJ Maxx // Necklace: Walmart
Horizontal stripes sometimes can be a horrible idea with a big bump. But that is why I balanced it with a longline vest to give the illusion of length. This way it won't make me look wider then I already am. 

3.  Oversized (my favorite)

Sweater: Joyce Leslie // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: Madden // Bag: H&M
I probably will be wearing this look for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. It's super comfy but that doesn't mean you have to look like a bum. Pair it with some tights and cute accessories and you have a easy outfit ready! This look, if you want, could also go with some cute heels or booties but these days it's definitely about comfort for me!
Sweater & Bag: Zara // Shawl: Forever 21 // Shoes: TJ Maxx

Which style would you wear for the Holidays?

with love,
sania <3

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5 Easy Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

This past weekend I hosted a small Friendsgiving for a few of my girlfriends who came to visit before this baby arrives (inshAllah!!). I decided to have fun with the decor since it was only going to be 6 of us. It was definitely more fun to decorate for a smaller crowd because I could really focus on the details. I pulled all this together in a couple of days from common stores such as Target, the dollar store and TJ Maxx. Here are some last minute ideas you can do if you're hosting a small party at your house this weekend!

1. Charger Plates

Charger plates are a perfect way to add some fanciness to your party without breaking the bank. I found these for a dollar each at the dollar store. They also had them in silver. Both of these are easy colors to incorporate into your decor. I had regular white plates that I layered on top that were actually used for dinner. There were also white and fall themed plates at the dollar store too!

2. Personalized Table Seating

This was my favorite find on pinterest. Make your guests feel special by personalizing their seat! I got a roll of Kraft paper from Target for $3 and used it as a runner. You can also draw other festive doodlings on Kraft paper if you got a creative side! 

3. Natural Decor

These centerpieces were so easy to make. I got these vases in a pack of four from Target. I actually did buy the dried leaves from TJ Maxx (lol) but you can easily grab them from outside. Most of them are yellow but they can still add some pretty natural decor to your party. I also picked up some of these acorns form outside. Everyone loved it!

4. Lights!
I just love lights! They add just a little bit of sparkle at a dinner. I got these for $2 from Target as well. Lay them out on a table or hang them!

5. Banner
Last but not least, who doesn't love a unique banner. I got this from Target too which came with 25 pieces and used a sharpie to fill it in!!