Sunday, January 31, 2016




Midi Dress, Shoes & Bag: Zara // Scarf & Jeans: Forever 21

Sweats and sneakers for all occasions? Yes, please! This is probably what I'll be wearing most days. Let me say, now with a baby, it really is all about staying comfortable. Growing up, I was a major tomboy so you can imagine how excited I am for this trend. It came out last year and is definitely sticking around for a while--and I'm definitely going to take advanage! For this look I decided to wear it with a loose maxi and ankle jeans on a day out with my family. Can I say how tough it is to find jeans that actually aren't 10 inches long on me?! These jeans are perfect for Forever 21 and the only reason they fit is because they're meant to be ankle jeans, lol! During the week, I'd definitely wear this sneakers with sweats and the leather jacket. I got these super comfy sneakers from Zara for only 40 bucks. I also have my Nike Fly Knits that I wear when I'm going to the mall or grocery shopping. If you are going to pair a dress with sneakers, make sure the dress hits around the ankle  or else you may just look a little funny! I love a fitted dress with sneakers but obviously with Hijab that isn't possible but a maxi or midi dress can still look just as good! 

 Zara Dress
Ankle Jeans

Long Button Downs
Button Down: Forever 21 // Pants: Zara // Coat: Boohoo // Shoes: TJ Maxx
These button downs are clutch especially for us moms who breastfeed. Sometimes, well most of the time, babies get hungry--specifically when you least want them to. I also am not where I want to be in terms of my weight and body so I love these long button ups with tights. As you can see, I'm again wearing comfy flats. I realized I'll have to save my heels for special events. It is not easy wearing heels while carrying a car seat! I love layering items so I chose to add a long beige coat.

Similar Top
Similar Coat, Coat 2
Similar Shoes, Shoes 2

Statement Shawl
Trench: Forever 21 // Scarf & Shawl: Zara // Shoes: TJ Maxx // Bag: Skip Hop Chelsea Bag
An easy way to make a bum outfit look good, is to add a statement shawl. Underneath, I'm just wearing a black shirt with black tights. This shawl really makes the outfit and adds the perfect pop. Another added bonus, its the perfect nursing shawl if you need to nurse in pubic. As you can see, the common theme--#momlife!

Similar TrenchTrench 2
Similar Shawl herehere
Similar Shoes

hope this gave you all some good ideas!
with love,
sania :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Shades of Gray

Dress & Scarf: Inayah // Pants and Shoes: Zara
I find the winter the most difficult season to dress up-- mainly cause we're on the east coast and its freezing! After this post, I'm sure we'll all go into hibernation until the weather gets warmer. For me, all I want to wear are big coats, fur items and blanket scarves. I don't know about you but I tend to gravitate towards gloomy colors like black and gray. Here are five different gray outfits for five different occasions for this gloomy season with minimal effort!

Date Night
Suede Tights: Forever 21 // Sweater Dress & Bag: Zara // Shoes: Forever 21
If you're going out for dinner with friends or someone special, then this is the outfit to wear! It's comfy and it keeps you warm, win-win. Suede tights are the latest trend and easy to find. I got these from Forever 21 and saw similar ones at Target, H&M and Zara. 

Sweater Dress
Suede Tights

Lazy Days
Sweater: Joyce Leslie // Jeans & Bag: H&M 
Okay, this is definitely my favorite! Who doesn't love a big comfy sweater cape! This I found, surprisingly, at Joyce Leslie. I wore this a lot during pregnancy and definitely will continue to wear it.  It's perfect for a day out of errands or just one of those lazy days. 

Minimalist Dress
Dress: Zara // Scarf: H&M 
I'm not going to lie, I had to wear spanx for this dress. This sweater maxi dress is from Zara and is amazingly comfy! I wore it to my cousins baby shower. I added this pink scarf for just the right amount of color. This outfit is perfect for a day event such as a baby or bridal shower!

Sweater Maxi Dress

Shoes: Forever 21 // Sweater: Zara // Cape: Forever 21
You're probably thinking wow this girl loves her capes! And well you're right. I paired a gray turtleneck sweater with this color block shawl..just enough color for winter. I rarely do turban but I just love how it looks with turtlenecks sweaters! You could wear this outfit for brunch or just out with friends. 

Shawl Cape

Special Occasion
Dress & Scarf: Inayah // Pants and Shoes: Zara
Last, but not least, is this beautiful Inayah Dress. I would wear this on a special occasion like my birthday or anniversary. I love the ruffles on the bottom as I feel like a little girl again! It's on sale now too--so grab it while you can!

Dress here

hope you enjoyed :)
with love,

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My 5 Newborn Favorites

I see a lot of posts about what you need for the baby and honestly for every baby, it is pretty much the same! So I won't do that generic post. But I will tell you 5 of my favorite newborn items! I feel like besides the usual basic items, I wouldn't have survived without these!

1. Sleep 'n Play Zip Up Onesies

These zip up onesies are my favorite! My daughter would especially wake up crying after she pooped and would be extremely hungry. I didn't have time to close 10 buttons and that is why I love these zip one ones. I got most of mine from Target but you can really find them anywhere such as Walmart or Babies R Us. My daughter was small so she just barely fit into newborn. Now that she is 1 month old, newborn is getting small on her. I definitely recommend these especially in the beginning. 
Carter at Target
Circo at Target

2. Swaddle Blankets

Oh, swaddling. I do not have time or patience for it. Yes, some people get really good at it but who has the time or energy..especially as a new mom! My friend told me to get these ready to swaddle blankets that have velcro on them. They are a total game changer! I love the ones by Summer Infant from Target or Swaddle Me. These really helped Safa sleep at night and keep her all warm! Also, who has time to learn how to swaddle amongst 10 other things I'm trying to learn! 

3. Cotton Hats
This one seems odd but no hats fit Safa when she was first born. Most brands make hats that are 0-3 or 0-6..which does not make any sense! My baby was smaller and every hat was super loose. The only hats that fit her, I had happened to order a week before she came, are H&M hats. H&M is one of the few companies that make sizes that are 0-1, 1-2, 2-4, etc. They are the new arrival hats and come in a lot of different colors. They do go in an out of stock but I ordered a bunch! The 0-1 still fits her but is now getting tight. 

H&M Organic Cotton Hats

4. Mini Bassinet
During the day, when I was at my apartment I would put her down in her regular bassinet. But then I realized I was paranoid to see if she was crying or it was getting annoying to bring the bassinet to the living room, even though it is just a 2 bedroom apartment. I ordered this side sleeper from amazon a few days after she was born and it is the best! We actually stayed with my mom for a few weeks and this was really helpful to have around the house. You can even bring it when you to other peoples houses and not leave the baby in the car sear. It is also much safer and keeps her on a similar flat surface like the bassinet. I can easily have it in the living room or even on the floor while I'm doing house work. Only thing I did not like about this is that it doesn't fold to be portable so I would say maybe get one that folds to take easily on the go. Also, it says it is for co-sleeping I only use it during the day and night put her in the bassinet. 

Swaddle Me Side Sleeper

5. Stuffed Animal

Okay this last one isn't really a necessity but it is definitely something to have for a newborn. I think it's memorable to have and also cute to see how they grow next to this stuffed animal. I took this above picture just a few days after she was born and plan to take one monthly. My cousin actually gave me this and usually I'm not a fan of stuffed animals but just loved this one!

Hope you enjoyed. My next post will be Survival Tips for New Mommies and then a Fashion brand Feature!

with love,

Monday, January 4, 2016

Safa's Soft and Sweet Nursery

She's here!! Alhamdulilah, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Safa Rehana Rashid on 12/13/15. I've been working on her nursery for some time now and could not wait to share it with everyone. I wanted to keep it simple with a neutral pallet with small touches of pink. I started off with all the furniture being white and the rest of the room being nude. I slowly added touches of pink and gold as we added decor to the nursery. 

I chose those simple crib by Babyletto in white. I wanted something elegant yet also functional throughout the years. This converts into a toddler bed as well! The wall behind the crib, I found these gold stickers on Etsy by Wall Tribe that me and my husband carefully placed one by one on the wall. Yes, it took about 2 hours--but totally worth it! I originally wanted to add a net canopy over her crib but my husband convinced me that may not be the safest option. I then researched online for cheap name signs and i found this one at Craft Cuts! I chose to get unpainted and just painted it myself in pink.  


I knew I wanted a comfy rocking chair as we would be spending a lot of our timings there. I love this chair I got from Target, actually also made by Babyletto. I was in between a rocking chair and a glider but opted with a glider and happy I did. If you are tall though, this chair may not be for you as it does not have much neck support but doesn't bother me too much! I got the foot rest from Target as well. This sweet love sign was a DIY from my baby shower that my friend hand painted! It went perfectly for our nursing area!


The room we have for Safa is clearly pretty big. We wanted to add some extra seating but wanted it to be multifunctional so we got this IKEA day bed. It pulls out to almost a queen size bed. The first few weeks when our moms came to stay and help us out, both me and my husband slept in here and gave our bedroom as a guest room. It also adds extra storage. The pillows, mostly are also from IKEA and the covers as well. The pink and and gold pillow are actually from H&M.The beige and taupe pillows are from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I got sheer white and pink curtains because I want her room to have natural light and didn't want it to be so dark. It has this pink peacefulness, I wish it was my room!


Last but not least I combined her dressing table and changing table into one. I never saw a purpose of just a changing table. It just takes up extra space! I also got this dresser from IKEA. The changing pad and cover are from Target. I chose to a wall art gallery. The frames are mostly from IKEA as well and a few from Target. (Also, yes I realize the pink one is crooked, lol) Most of the pink I added is on this wall. I kept the pink touches only to decor that could be later changed if another one comes along or if I just feel like changing her room! 
Digital Print: @Fatimahzahraprints


This last part is still under construction. How cute is this crate?! Our friends made us this crate with her name on it with a bunch of goodies inside and I used it for all the books she got from the baby shower. InshAllah I plan to add a little chair and other accessories when she starts crawling and walking around. 

Hope you liked this post and got some inspiration!