My 5 Newborn Favorites

I see a lot of posts about what you need for the baby and honestly for every baby, it is pretty much the same! So I won't do that generic post. But I will tell you 5 of my favorite newborn items! I feel like besides the usual basic items, I wouldn't have survived without these!

1. Sleep 'n Play Zip Up Onesies

These zip up onesies are my favorite! My daughter would especially wake up crying after she pooped and would be extremely hungry. I didn't have time to close 10 buttons and that is why I love these zip one ones. I got most of mine from Target but you can really find them anywhere such as Walmart or Babies R Us. My daughter was small so she just barely fit into newborn. Now that she is 1 month old, newborn is getting small on her. I definitely recommend these especially in the beginning. 
Carter at Target
Circo at Target

2. Swaddle Blankets

Oh, swaddling. I do not have time or patience for it. Yes, some people get really good at it but who has the time or energy..especially as a new mom! My friend told me to get these ready to swaddle blankets that have velcro on them. They are a total game changer! I love the ones by Summer Infant from Target or Swaddle Me. These really helped Safa sleep at night and keep her all warm! Also, who has time to learn how to swaddle amongst 10 other things I'm trying to learn! 

3. Cotton Hats
This one seems odd but no hats fit Safa when she was first born. Most brands make hats that are 0-3 or 0-6..which does not make any sense! My baby was smaller and every hat was super loose. The only hats that fit her, I had happened to order a week before she came, are H&M hats. H&M is one of the few companies that make sizes that are 0-1, 1-2, 2-4, etc. They are the new arrival hats and come in a lot of different colors. They do go in an out of stock but I ordered a bunch! The 0-1 still fits her but is now getting tight. 

H&M Organic Cotton Hats

4. Mini Bassinet
During the day, when I was at my apartment I would put her down in her regular bassinet. But then I realized I was paranoid to see if she was crying or it was getting annoying to bring the bassinet to the living room, even though it is just a 2 bedroom apartment. I ordered this side sleeper from amazon a few days after she was born and it is the best! We actually stayed with my mom for a few weeks and this was really helpful to have around the house. You can even bring it when you to other peoples houses and not leave the baby in the car sear. It is also much safer and keeps her on a similar flat surface like the bassinet. I can easily have it in the living room or even on the floor while I'm doing house work. Only thing I did not like about this is that it doesn't fold to be portable so I would say maybe get one that folds to take easily on the go. Also, it says it is for co-sleeping I only use it during the day and night put her in the bassinet. 

Swaddle Me Side Sleeper

5. Stuffed Animal

Okay this last one isn't really a necessity but it is definitely something to have for a newborn. I think it's memorable to have and also cute to see how they grow next to this stuffed animal. I took this above picture just a few days after she was born and plan to take one monthly. My cousin actually gave me this and usually I'm not a fan of stuffed animals but just loved this one!

Hope you enjoyed. My next post will be Survival Tips for New Mommies and then a Fashion brand Feature!

with love,


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