What to Wear: Wedding Guest Edition

Salaam all!
Yesss, its been a while! This past year has been quite busy with my daughter and recently starting a new job. I am trying to get back into it isA. Wedding season is upon us so I figure I would give some ideas on different outfits for all different types of weddings and styles. 

1. Simple Elegance
Dress: Louella 
I love this dress from Louella. This looks great on anybody and also really comfortable to wear. Check out some of their other dresses. 

2. Flowy Abaya

Dress: Inayah
I wore this dress to my friends wedding last summer. I added a necklace and paired it with a black hijab. I love the way it draped and fit!

3. Pop of Color
Palazzo Pants: Zara
Who says you can't wear pants to a wedding? I loved these palazzo pants from Zara from a few years ago and they still continue to stay in my closet. I paired it with a peplum top and gold belt. 

4. Draped
Dress: Inayah
Sometimes with a simple dress, its always fun to play with jewelry. I loved this Inayah dress, especially this color. I wore a gorgeous pearl headpiece for more of a wedding feel. They have the best selection of dresses form casual to formal wear. Can never go wrong with Inayah!

5. Traditional

Lastly, what I usually wear to most of my weddings-- traditional wear. The hardest part about designing clothes for myself was finding a matching hijab. I typically don't match my hijab to my outfit but I make an exception for desi clothes. I'll try do wear the more neutral color in the outfit since I'm not fond of wearing bright colors. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!
with love,


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