10 Summer Weekend Getaway Essentials for the Modest Woman

As I was packing for a recent trip to Lake George with family, I found it was hard to figure out what to pack. I didn't want to overpack or under pack. I knew we would be doing some activities but most of the time we would be lounging around. I still have a few more trips coming to Cape Cod and Toronto and figured I'd share what's in my suitcase! Besides your typical hijabi items such as hijab, loose tops, etc. I thought I'd share some of my essentials when traveling including some beauty ones. I am definitely no beauty blogger but like to pack what is simple and easy. Here are my Top 10 Summer Essentials in no particular order. Hope you get some inspo!

1. Culottes
Top: Poplook // Pants: Zara (Similar) // Scarf: Hijab Vault
Culottes/Palazzos, Wide-legged pants--whatever name you give it, these are a must have in your suitcase. There is no better way to beat the summer heat. Their loose, breathable and comfortable. These are from Zara from last summer season. They have similar ones now for even cheaper. I'm also in love with this top form Poplook. I love these tops because their modest and actually trendy.

2. Sunglasses
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Top: Poplook // Jeans: TJ Maxx // Shoes: Forever 21 // Bag: Target // Scarf: Austere Attire
Okay, I know this kind of a given. You can't go out without sunglasses. But this I just had to put on here. Also, don't get cheap ones. Get a good quality pair of sunglasses that go with mostly everything. I love the fun shapes they have so for those I'll get from forever or h&m because I know they're trendy and will only last a short while. I love these Ray Ban sunglasses. They're plain black and match with every one of my outfits. I don't travel without them!!

3. Signature Dress
Dress: Zara // Scarf: Hijab Vault // Bike: Shower Prop
Most of my suitcase will me comfy and casual and easy to wear. But I always pack one signature dress that is a little more special. It's not like this dress isn't comfy but is definitely the cutest item in my bag. It's even versatile to wear open with jeans or close it and pair with some cute heels. Zara has my favorite ones. Check out the post I did on summer dresses a few weeks back!

4. Lightweight Hijab 
Hijab: Hijab Loft // Top: Zara (Similar) // Jeans: Forever 21 
I have been searching high and lo for scarves that are easy to wear and comfortable. I don't even have to iron these. If you know me, I Iron everything! These new premium cotton scarves are so soft and easy to style. A lot of companies are carrying it. I have some from Austere Attire, Hijab Loft and Hijab Vault.

5. Midi Tops
Top: She In // Jeans: Primark // Slides: TJ Maxx // Scarf: Hijab Loft
As much as I love dresses, they aren't the best to wear all throughout the weekend. Midi dresses are so easy to style and perfect for the warm weather. My main issue is finding loose midi dresses. Many of them are fitted. These are key pieces for a weekend away as it doesn't really require much effort. Pair it with some cute jeans and slides and you're all set. She In has a variety of midi dresses with different colors, prints and styles. And hey, affordable too!

6. Modest Swimwear
Top: Dri Fit Old Navy (Mens) // Tights: Dri-Fit Tights
We cannot have a summer post without swimwear! I have a Burqini that I love for swimming. However, sometimes it's easier to wear regular clothes and also much cheaper. For the pool or even the beach I usually get dri-fit tights which you can find anywhere from TJ Maxx to Forever 21 to Old Navy. I love mine from TJ Maxx. I find there sizes to be more true-fit. For tops, I have not found any tops for women that are loose. So I get the dri-fit shirts from the mens section. I recently found one that I love from Old Navy. It even zips up to my neck which I usually wear with a turban swim cap. I personally like the swim caps better then any hijabs. It always ruins them after.

7. Sneakers 
Sneakers: Zara (Similar) // Top: Forever 21
I cannot stress the important enough of comfortable sneakers. You're going to be walking a lot! Do not bring cute flats that are going to hurt your feet. It won't be worth it. When I went to Spain I mostly wore my sneakers. Yes, it looked funny with some outfits but hey we were walking 7 to 8 miles a day! I did not want to be miserable with blisters on my feet. A cute alternative are these white sneakers from Zara. I love these for trips that we'll be walking around during the day.

8. Mini Backpack
Bag: Vera Bradley // Pants: Uniqlo (Similar) // Jean Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar)
This is kind of a given for travelling. Since having Safa, I have to carry a giant bag. I recently switched over to a backpack as its easier to have my hands free. I love these Vera Bradley one. You can really find them anywhere form Forever to TJ Maxx.

9. Face Spray
Mario Badescu
This just deserves its own spot. My sister gave this is part of a gift for Mothers Day and it is the best! It keeps my face hydrated. I like to spray it before and after applying makeup and even before bed. In the summer it gives a nice glow.

10. Quick Makeup Routine 
1. Tinted Face Cream 2. Concealer 3. Bronzer 4. Mascara 5. Eyebrow Mousse 6. Lipstick
Lastly and most importantly: a quick makeup routine! When I travel during the summer, I do not want to lug around a giant makeup bag. I have a quick makeup routing just requiring 6 items that are perfect for a clean summer look. First, I recommend a tinted moisturizer with SPF, that way you don't have to put on sunscreen and makeup--yay! I love Bare Minerals Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. It's super light, creamy and provides amazing coverage. I then apply Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to even out my skin tone and cover up those dark circles. Sometimes , I'll usually apply a light bronzer or blush. I usually will use a cheaper drug store brand like Revlon or Maybeline. For blush, my all time favorite is Nars in Orgasm. For my eyes, Ill apply a few coats of Mascara. These days I've been loving Maybeline's Falsies Mascara. For my eyebrows, I fill in my eyebrows with Tarte's Eyebrow Mousse and an eyebrow brush. I cannot leave the house without doing so! Lastly, I usually wear a light pink or nude lipstick. These days I'm loving Bare Minerals Radiant Lipstick in "Love". All of this usually takes me 10 minutes. I'm no makeup expert but this is what I found works for me!

I really enjoyed writing this post and sharing my tips. Hope you found this helpful :)

with love,


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