8 Modest Dress Picks for the Summer

Summer is finally hereeeeee! I totally have a love/hate relationship with this season. I love the beach, dresses, ice cream, carnivals and the list can go on. I do however hate the super hot weather and humidity that comes along with it. This is why I have made a list of my top summer dresses for this season!! When it's this hot, I do not want to wear multiple layers. I always try to find one piece dresses that are long sleeves and floor length or at least midi length! Here are my top 8 favs!

1. Stripes Floral (Zara)

This is my favorite out of all of them. Zara always has the best long sleeve maxi's. They are a little steep in price but always worth it. I wore it to a bridal shower and plan on wearing it this summer. You can wear it as a dress, a cardigan or even with jeans. 

2. Beach Stripes (She In
I'm in love with this stripes trend this seasons. Wear it with this belt or your own funky belt. Pair it with a fun hat and you're ready for the beach!
3.  Bohemian Green (She In)

This is perfect for a night out. Comfortable especially for those hot summer nights. Pair it with heels and bold lip!
4.  Floral Fun (Zara)

Another Zara favorite. I really love all their dresses. Can never go wrong!

5. Abstract White (Forever 21)

I recently saw this and Forever and almost bought it of myself. I then realized I have similar pieces so I held off. If you don't have a white bohemian dress, definitely invest in this one!

6. Ruffle Wrap (Target)
I'm really tempted to get this and I just might. This is super classy and would look amaze with simple strap heels, black hijab and a red lip!
7. Beach Blue (Target)

I've had this for a while and finally will be able to wear this at the beach this coming weekend. Look out for it on my insta;)
8. Flowy Floral (Windsor)
Lastly, my sis rocked this beautiful dress. This is perfect for any bridal or baby shower you have to attend this weekend!

Hope you liked my picks! Can't wait to see everyones looks!
<3 sania


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