My Fitness Journey: 5 Tips for the Beginning

And so it begins: My Fitness Journey. Lately, I feel its been really trendy to be "fit" but what better trend than being fit and health? For myself, I really just wanted to stop feeling so lethargic all the time and gain some energy. I also wanted to get back to my old body before I had Safa. All I can say, it hasn't been easy! I've been on and off about working out and eating healthy and I'm not going to lie even now I'm not perfect. I still have some sweets here and there and give into cravings. I'm still starting out and I know it will take time. I started working out consistently 3 times a week probably right before Ramadan in May. These past 6 weeks I've been working out 4-5 times a week. For the first time though, I truly enjoy working out and eating healthy. Why? Cause I'm seeing small changes in my body and in my mood. I see a lot of stories and people always show the after result. I wanted to share my whole journey. I wanted to share 5 tips that helped me start my journey and are keeping me going now. 

1. Find a Workout Partner.

For me, this was key and made the biggest difference. There are tons of apps out there, classes, websites, programs that you can do. What I needed was someone to keep me in check. I used to workout with my husband but since having our daughter we can't workout together :(. I was so lucky that one of my friends, Nilma (@nilma_husain) also just became a personal trainer. I know, not everyone is this lucky. If you can afford a personal trainer even 1 session a week, I highly recommend it. I was doing so many exercises with improper form even something simple as a squat. She really helped me fix my form, teach me new exercises and workout routines. 

2. Set (Realistic) Goals & Rewards!
This is something I learned from another friend of mine who does cross fit. You cannot workout without any end goals because you have no idea where you're going. My short term goal is to workout 5 times week (3 strength training sessions, 2 cardio). For lifting, I've been squatting 20 lbs and dead lifting 20 as well. My goal is to squat and deadlift my body weight. For actual weight, ideally I want to lose 15 lbs but I'm not focusing too much on weight but more so inches on my body. InshAllah I can reach it in 6 months!! Definitely set up rewards too when you reach your goals. Whether you lose 10 lbs, squat a certain amount reward yourself with a treat, buy something nice for yourself or eat at your favorite restaurant. Even every week if you've met your goal of working out such as 4 times a week, eat a small treat. 

3. Pick an activity you like.
If you hate running, don't choose running to lose weight! There are so many different types of exercises you can do to workout. I noticed I love lifting so increasing my weight gets me excited. For cardio I love cardio kickboxing, zumba, and dancing. Later as you get used to working out, then you can challenge yourself with different types of workouts. But in the beginning, pick something that makes you excited!

4. Plan your workout schedule.  
Plan! Plan! Plan! This is so important on a daily basis. On Sunday, I look at my whole week and I plan which days I'll workout and generally what I'll be doing (cardio, strength or recovery). I know for a factor Tuesdays I have meetings till late and I won't have a lot of energy to do an intense session. Instead I'll do a cardio or home workout. I also plan out my schedule each day. This also includes meal prep. I personally don't meal prep for the whole week but I will for two to three days to avoid eating out or giving into cravings when I'm super hungry.

5. Don't give up!!
Lastly, do not give up!! Sometimes its hard not see results right away. Believe me, I get it. But if you keep going your body will start to show small improvements. In the past two months I haven't lost weight in numbers but I have lost inches, old clothes are fitting me and I feel so much more energetic. 

I hope this helps you begin your fitness journey or keep going. InshAllah I hope I can continue and share my journey. After having Safa, I really wanted to be an active mom to one encourage her to be active and two to do all fun activities with her. If you have a family, it's awesome to workout together or just stay active. 

Good Luck!


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