Monday, August 14, 2017

Travel Diaries: Toronto

As you know I recently traveled to Toronto, Canada. It was a short trip as I went for my friends wedding. I really wish had another day or two as I couldn't do everything I had intended but still had a great time! My favorite part about Toronto was how nice everyone was. Every single person we passed always said hello. I definitely would love to visit again. Here's a short recap of my trip :)

What I Wore:
 Tunic: Poplook // Slides: Windsor // Scarf: Hijab Vault

Where I Went: 
We first went downtown to visit the Ripley's Aquarium and the CN Tower. The Aquarium is perfect for kids and Safa really enjoyed this. We opted not to see the CN Tower but was a wonderful view from the outside. 

For dinner we drove to Mississauga to a new steakhouse called BlackStone Steakhouse & Grill. Let me tell how amazing this place was. The food, ambiance and customer service was impeccable. The chef himself thanked us for coming and was so sweet. Definitely recommend to eat here!!

Where I went:  
We visited the Toronto Zoo for the kids. It was huge and definitely would take a whole day to complete. We went for a couple of hours and did about half of it. If you have kids, I highly recommend it! Definitely bring snacks and food for the day. There are many picnic areas to sit and relax during the day. 

I surprisingly didn't take many pictures that day. I wore a long tunic from Zara and sneakers. I kept it casual and comfy as we walked around a lot!


Okay, brace yourselves. This day we did a LOT and obviously ate a LOT. I really would never get fit if I lived here!! 

What I Wore:
Black Top: Poplook // Pants: Zara // Jean Jacket: Target // Scarf: Hijab Loft

Where I Went: 
Kensington Market: Wow. That's all I have to say! There is so much to eat here and see. It had an eclectic vibe and cute vintage stores on every corner. Blue Banana Market is the perfect store for unique gifts to bring home .

Wafels & More: For breakfast, we fulfilled our sweet tooth a little early. Loved this cute place!
Burgernator: For lunch, we checked out the famous Burgernator. It was halal and service was fast. I opted for the chicken burger which was good but not the best I've had. Everyone loved their beef burgers and said it was totally worth it. I think we were so hungry we didn't even take any pictures, lol. There's also Top Gun Burgers and Dirty Bird (also halal) that everyone really enjoyed. 

Graffiti Alley: As you walk away from Kensington Market on Spadina, you get to Graffiti Alley. These alleyways were vibrant and filled with a amazing art. On the way we also walked through China Town. 

Here's the best crew ever! These are some of my amazing college friends that all travelled for our friends wedding. College memories continue on <3

Some other fun food places we had:

FIKA: Iced Coffee // Moo Frites: Kimchi Fries // Peace Treats: DREAM Milkshake

Organic Press: My friend got a watermelon smoothie that was so refreshing on a hot day. 

Other Places: I wish I had more time and I definitely would of checked out the Toronto Islands, the Harbor Front and the Distillery District. I was most upset about not seeing the Distillery District which is perfect for photo ops. Next time, iA. 

Hope you enjoyed, 
with love

Monday, August 7, 2017

What's in Safa's Closet: 5 Must Haves for Toddlers

If I could, I would buy everything in the toddlers section for Safa. What isn't cuter than adult clothes in mini size? It definitely is easy to want to buy everything. I try mostly to only buy casual clothes for daily wear and buy one or two occasion outfits closer to the event. Safa is tiny and I never know what size she'll be in so I try to buy close as I can for the event. Only time, I'll buy in advance when there's a sale especially the Zara one! Anyways, here are my Top 5 must haves for Toddlers!!

1. Rompers
Romper: Zara // Sandals: Old Navy

Rompers and jumpsuits are the best!! Easiest outfit for toddlers. Just throw on one piece and a cute pair of sandals and you're all set. Most of Safa's nicer ones are from Zara and the more casual ones are from Old Navy. Below are some of my favorites!

2. Statement Dresses
Dress: Zara // Shoes: Old Navy
Statement dresses are also easy one pieces to throw on. The cutest are dresses that us adults could actually wear too. Especially this off the shoulder chambray one from Zara. 

3. Neutral Sandals
Sandals: Old Navy // Dress: Zara
To complete any look, you have to have cute shoes! As I do for myself, I also bought neutral ones for Safa. Babies grow out of shoes quickly and I definitely don't want to have to keep buy different colors of shoes over and over. The easiest to buy are these cognac color ones above, black or nude. These shoes are from Old Navy from the Toddler section. Safa FINALLY started wearing shoes and clothes from the Old navy toddler section which has the cutest stuff! I really had to control myself and not buy everything. 

4. Jean Jacket
Jean Jacket, Shirt, Shoes: Old Navy
Though summer isn't over, jean jackets are a must for fall. They match with everything and are a perfect piece to keep warm on chilly nights. This one is a little older from last spring but I bought a new one recently for the upcoming fall season. 

5. Multipack Ponytails
Overalls: Zara // Shoes: Walmart // T-Shirt: Primark
Okay this one seems a little out of context, but it is the only way I know how to style her hair! Safa has really thin and silky hair so hair clips don't stay and headbands make her hair look super funny. So for now, the two pigtails it is! I got a 500 multipack and multicolor packet from Walmart. I usually end up using black so it just blends in with her hair. 

More posts on Safa's Style to come!! 
with love 
<3 sania