Travel Diaries: Seattle + Vancouver

If you've been following me on social media, you know I recently travelled to Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada. Seattle was planned but Vancouver was totally spontaneous which is totally NOT me. Seattle was super rainy so we wanted get some sun and explore another town. Totally loved our entire trip. Both placed we stayed in Air BnBs. Our place in Seattle was really roomy and would definitely recommend it. It was in Capitol Hill, a little further from downtown but we saved a lot of money that way. We probably were there an extra day or so but alhamdulillah loved the relaxing time. We didn't bring Safa which was probably the hardest part of all! She although enjoyed her time with her grandparents and aunts and uncles :) 



Silent Heart Nest:  For breakfast we went to this cute spot in Fremont. I loved the vibe and the food was amazing! I highly recommend it. The restaurant was inspired by a spiritual leader and they have these super cute cards with his quotes on each table. Best part, its vegetarian.

Turko Cafe: For lunch we wanted to eat somewhere halal. Many people gave recommendations on Instagram and this was one of them! It had a beautiful view under the bridge and amazing food.


SUNDAY FLEA MARKET:  Even though it was a little rainy we didn't want to miss the Fremont Sunday Market. They had lovely vintage shops and actually well price! I bought a super cute vintage skirt for my sister and some little house trinkets for myself.

VINTAGE MALL: We also stopped by a Vintage Mall right around the corner. This was my favorite vintage spot ever. Most vintage stores are either too dirty or too expensive. This was neither. I wanted to buy a lot more but totally contained myself. 

top: zara // jeans: target // scarf: Hashmi Hijabs



ODDFELLOWS CAFE: This was probably my favorite brunch spot for the week. I loved the rustic atmosphere, the courteous staff and the amazing food! We sadly missed breakfast but had an amazing lunch. If you're in the Capitol Hill area, please go.




ELLIOT BAY BOOKSTORE: Right next door, is an amazing bookstore. It has any book you can imagine. We thoroughly enjoyed walking around and reading some amazing finds. We just had coffee but they even had a coffee bar in the back.

CHIHULY GARDEN AND GLASS + SPACE NEEDLE: Totally touristy, but I actually liked it! The view from the space needle was amazing, but was rainy so didn't get any good shots. Probably better to go on a sunny day. You could see all the way into the mountains. Next we went to the glass museum which was remarkable to see in person.

Top: Zara // Jeans: Target // Bag: Boohoo // Hijab: Hashmi Hijabs



MOORE COFFEE: How cute is their latte art? I got the Nutella Mocha which was good as it sounds. Their lunch sandwiches are pretty good too. Decor was just as amazing. Cute little spot to stop by and take a break.

SHUGS SODA FOUNDATION & ICE CREAM: After a long day of walking around in Pike Place and Downtown, this was the perfect reward. These milkshakes are so good. There were also some fancy Insta worthy drinks but we kept it pretty simple.


ORIGINAL STARBUCKS: How could I not stop there? However, I did not wait in this long line for coffee..considering there were four around the corner! Still pretty cool to check out.

PIKE PLACE MARKET: Definitely worth the tourist stop. I had imagined it to be a small market--Boy I was wrong! It has 6 floors and filled with any store you can imagine. The flowers were even prettier in person and actually pretty cheap. We decided not to get any as they would of gone to waste. Find some cute trinkets for gifts or just look around. Fun either way!

GUMWALL: Yes, we stopped by the infamous, disgusting, gum wall. Always fun to see quirky things!

PIER & GREAT WHEEL: The views from here are breathtaking. I was also lucky enough to shoot with Isra (@turistaa on insta). She's a seattle native and so down to earth. I'm always nervous shooting with new people. She was so much fun to talk to and made me comfortable during the shoot. We also got some couple shots in. Thank you again!

Top: Poplook // Cardigan & Shoes: Boohoo // Pants: Gift from Milan // Scarf: Hashmi Hijabs

We took a half day trip to Alki Beach. You can take a water taxi from downtown but we chose to drive there since it was still a little chilly. It was nice getting away from the busy downtown streets and just walking along the beach. Renting a bike would of been nice for a warmer day. 


TOP POT DOUGHNUTS: These donuts were so so good. They also had amazing coffee. Super sweet staff. Definitely can't go wrong with these donuts. They have some other locations in Seattle too.

SUNFISH: For lunch we stopped and ate some fish and chips. We got the cod and loved every bite. Totally was tempted for seconds!

top & shoes: zara // Pants: Poplook // scarf: Hashmi Hijabs

We decided spontaneously decided to go for two days to Vancouver mainly for hiking but had another day to check out downtown. I can't believe it but we booked a room in someone else's Air BnB. I never thought I would do that but thankfully it was a great experience. They were super nice and we only needed it for sleeping so it totally worked out. 

DAY 1: 



SMARTMOUTH CAFE: As we were walking around in Gastown, we stumbled upon this small coffee stop. Coffee was really good especially for a chilly day.

GASTOWN: I absolutely loved this quaint town. So many shops, places to eat and coffee spots to check out. You can't leave without seeing the famous steam clock either. Right behind it there are gorgeous views of the mountains. If you're in Vancouver, check it out for a few hours.

GRANVILLE ISLAND: Afterwards we stopped by Granville Island. Again, more food and small shops to check out. We decided to get fish and chips and some coffee. They also have bakeries and cafes selling amazing goods.

STANLEY PARK: For amazing views, we checked out Stanley Park. If it wasn't chilly, I totally would of rented a bike and rode around the whole park. We got some chilly weather so we just decided to walk around.

top: poplook // pants: boohoo // jean jacket: h&m // flats: target

DAY 2:


LYNN CANYON PARK: The suspension bridges are pretty famous in Vancouver. The Capilano suspension bridge was a little pricey for us so we decided to check out the free, less famous version in Lynn Canyon Park. After you park, it is a short walk to this bridge. It definitely was a little scarier than I thought.

HIKE TO ST. MARKS SUMMIT:  AMAZING. This was the highlight of our entire trip. The views at the end were breathtaking! This hike however was NOT easy. It was about 9 miles roundtrip, 1500 ft elevation and took a total of about 5 hours! If you go, I highly suggest to bring snacks and a light lunch, water and a lot of patience! Definitely stretch before and after. If you have the energy and time, definitely do this hike!



top: poplook // parka: h&m // tights: old navy

Hope you enjoyed my travel diaries. I loved this trip and really loved sharing it with all of you!
with love,


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