Safa's 2nd Vintage Bookworm Party

This past weekend we threw Safa's 2nd Birthday Party. For the theme I chose a bookworm theme as she is in love with reading, mashAllah. I myself didn't read much and I wish I was one of those people who loved to read. Thats why with Safa, I made it my mission since day 1 that she would love to read, and thankfully she does. Anyways, I wanted to add my touch and thats where the vintage vibe came in. This was actually really easy to put together and didn't require much prep from before. Here are all the deets. 


The backdrop I made the night before which took me about an hour or so. I bought two foam boards to use as the base. The plain pages came from vintage books from my dads library and the colorful pages came from vintage children books. I bought the Once Upon a Time sticker decal from Etsy. For the actual backdrop I just started taping pages on the top and continued to tape them to make a waterfall effect. The poster boards sat on the fireplace mantel. Definitely the easiest backdrop I've made and it only costed me 25 bucks (poster boards: 10, book pages: 5, sticker decal: 10)!

Floral Box: Goodwill // Books: Vintanthromodern // Clock: Hobby Lobby // Tea Cup: Home
For Decor, I chose the base color of cream (as usual). After that I bought this floral jewelry box from Goodwill for only 4 bucks and it served as my inspiration for the rest of the decor. I wanted to add more hues of teal and pink with some vintage touches. This clock was from my apartment and is from  Hobby Lobby. I found these adorable vintage children book at a local vintage store, Vintanthromodern for only 5 dollars each. Tea cup was of course my moms.  For the table cover, I used a simple white table cover and covered it with a floral lace fabric that I bought from Walmart. 

I bought some little accents to add a vintage vibe. Some glass pieces, the antique bigger clock, the fake books and the vintage children books. I also bought about 20 Little Golden Books from Goodwill for only 30 cents each (!) and displaced them throughout the table. I bought a wood "2" and then glued a teal vintage paper to tie it all in. For some color, I bought fake flowers and dispersed them throughout the table. 


For dessers, I didn't want to have an overwhelming amount and I didn't want to spend a lot. For the cake, I got it made from Whole Foods with a simple rosette design. I decided to do fun names off of classic books for each dessert. 

Cloudy with a chance of Donuts - Duck Donuts
Willy Wonka's Chocolate Truffles - Oreo Truffles (Homemade)
Cookie Monsters Treats - Store Bought Cookies (Wegmans)
Little Red Velvet Cupcakes - Cupcakes (Homemade)


 Lastly, for party favors, I wanted something simple yet in theme. I bought brown power bags and filled them with a book, coloring pages, crayons and some other fun goodies. I had my sister who has amazing handwriting write a quote on the front from Dr. Seuss: "The more that you read, the more things you' will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go". 


 Thanks for coming by. Hope you loved this post as much as I loved planning this party!
with love,
sania :)


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